Rare Cannabinoid Company Mix & Match CBD CBG Extra Strength Gummies Review

rare cannabinoid company

Company Overview

Rare Cannabinoid Company was created by the founders of Hawaiian Choice CBD and take great pride in their expertise of cannabinoids. As one of the only companies that truly understand cannabinoids and what they can do to your body, they have created several methods of customizing your experience and finding the cannabinoid that best suites you.

Sold in more than 250 stores across the United States and also in Brazil, Rare Cannabinoid Company has created an apothecary of cannabinoid tinctures and gummies, people can mix and match them according to their needs, creating their own blends for morning, night or specific effects.

Today I will be reviewing a packet containing both CBD gummies and CBG gummies. As someone who is still fairly new to the cannabinoid game, I am excited to share my unbiased opinion.

CBD/CBG Gummies

rare cannabinoid company

One thing I loved off the bat with this company is that they allow you to shop for cannabinoids according to your needs and wants. Almost like customized treatment so you get exactly what you want without feeling a side effect you don't want to feel.

For this review, I am looking at a mixture of CBD and CBG gummies that I am hoping will help with anxiety and keep me calm and collected. When I went on their website, I was able to find a solution I needed and it was all so easy.

We all know what CBD is at this point. It's a non psychoactive cannabinoid that is derived from hemp. The way it interacts with your CB receptors allows it to control pain and inflammation so it provides relief as well as help you with anxiety, depression, and overall helps you relax.

A lot of people don't know much about CBG. CBG is another cannabinoid that helps with relief and inflammation while also helping with more major pains like migraines, broken bones, and even Huntington's disease. CBG intensifies the relief while also targeting other areas due to its binding with different receptors than CBD.

Rare Cannabinoid Company has allowed me to mix the benefits of both these cannabinoids and make it into something great that I can really benefit from.

The gummies came in a simple yet elegant package containing a total of eight gummies, (4 CBD, 4 CBG). Inside, the gummies are color coordinated so you can see which gummy you are taking. Each gummy also has 30mg of the desired cannabinoid so 1-2 gummies will usually do the trick.

To start off I decided to take one of each gummies so that I can feel the effects quickly and write about them. The gummies smelled great and tasted even better, with no weird aftertaste. I really enjoyed eating them.

The effects kicked in really fast for an edible, in about 20 minutes. It started with a minor body high that gradually got stronger and before long I was ache free and I felt more limber.

Any aches and pains I feel on a daily basis went away and I was easily able to move around more confidently. Two little gummies did what most pain killers can't and its all done naturally.

Rare Cannabinoid Company really outdid themselves with these gummies. They were delicious, effective, and long lasting, lasting for about four hours.

Rare Cannabinoid Company Mix & Match CBD CBG Extra Strength Gummies Review - Final Thoughts

Rare Cannabinoid Company really knows what they're doing with these gummies, or with any of their products. They have mastered cannabinoids and they offer some of the best products in the industry. What I really like about this company is how transparent they are.

You can see everything they test, how they do it, and how they infuse. They also educate you on each Cannabinoid and what effect each one has, so you're not going in blindly.

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