Rare Cannabinoid Company Mix & Match CBD CBN Gummies Review


Company Overview

Rare Cannabinoid Company was created by the founders of Hawaiian Choice CBD, who take great pride in their expertise in cannabinoids. As one of the only companies that genuinely understand cannabinoids and what they can do to your body, they have created several methods of customizing your experience and finding the cannabinoid that best suits you.

Sold in more than 250 stores across the United States and Brazil, Rare Cannabinoid Company has created an apothecary of cannabinoid tinctures and gummies; people can mix and match them according to their needs, creating their blends for the morning, night, or specific effects.

Today I will review their CBN & CBD Mix & Match Gummies.

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CBN CBD Mix & Match Gummies

Having tried other mix & match gummies from Rare Cannabinoid Co., I was excited and no longer skeptical about trying cannabinoids I had never tried before. We all know CBD is seemingly available anywhere and versatile, but have you ever heard of CBN? If you're like me and you had to do a little bit of research beforehand, CBN is produced when cannabis ages, and like CBD, it is nonpsychoactive and great for pain and inflammation. These cannabinoids combined make for great relaxation and wind down after a long day.

The gummies came in sleek packaging with the company logo and all the information you need to know before taking the gummies. The gummies are color-coded, so you know what to take for any situation. The little packet has six gummies, each with 30mg of its respective cannabinoid and they are all made with natural ingredients.

To start, I took one CBD gummy after a workout to feel the effects. The gummy was delicious and very fruity, like a fruit snack. I was tempted to take another gummy afterward but decided against it. The effects took about 45 minutes to kick in, and I felt numb but euphoric. All my aches and soreness from my workout seemed to melt away, and I was just feeling relaxed. One little gummy did all this, and the effects lasted about 4 hours. Overall, another great experience.

The next day I decided to try a CBN gummy. Like the CBD gummy, I got a tropical, fruity taste, all exploding in my taste buds. The CBN gummy took a little longer to hit, almost 90 minutes, but the effects were just as strong. I felt relaxed and numb, a good little body high that didn't slump me but just helped my aches and pains.

The effects also lasted a little longer, about 4 hours, and I felt suitable for those 4 hours. I enjoyed the CBN gummy and would try CBN products again. Both gummies were tasty and effective, and overall I had a great experience with them. They are great for relaxing or unwinding.

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Rare Cannabinoid Company Mix & Match CBD CBN Gummies Review - Conclusion

I enjoyed these mix-and-match gummies and am constantly surprised by Rare Cannabinoid Co. Everything I've tried so far has been great, and I can't get enough of these amazing gummies and cannabinoids. Whether I need something to relax, feel good, or just want something tasty, I know I can rely on Rare Cannabinoid Co.

If you’re looking for a mellow way to wind down after work or want to ease into cannabinoids without smoking, these mix-and-match gummies could be perfect for you. I’ve found they’ve changed my life; I hope they can do the same for you. Try them now!