Red Eye Tek Beaker Tube Bong, Aorta Concentrate Recycler, & Hex Top Beaker Bong Review

red eye tek bongs

Red Eye Tek Company Overview

Red Eye Tek has combined a futuristic high-tech look with an artistic, creative feel that makes for some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing bongs and dab rigs in the industry. Made with 100% borosilicate glass and coated with iridescent and durable glass, these pieces are things of the future.

Today I have had the pleasure of trying not one, not two, but three of their best selling pieces. The Hex Base Beaker Bong, Hex Top Beaker Bong, and the Aorta Concentrate Recycler. As a lover of both cannabis and concentrate, I’m very excited to try out these pieces and share my experiences.

Hex Base Beaker Tube

red eye tek hex base blue beaker bong

The first piece I decided to try was the Hex Base Beaker Bong. The bong came in a colorful purple cardboard box with the signature Red Eye Tek logo, all wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection. It was like opening my presents on Christmas morning. I could see the beautiful, iridescent blue as soon as I ripped through the bubble wrap.

Before I smoke out of a new bong, I like to feel it around. I like to familiarize myself with the bong so I can maximize my comfort and prevent the bong from breaking down due to carelessness. 

The borosilicate glass and the breathtaking color really pops out and it automatically became one of my favorite bongs before I even took my first hit. I could tell they crafted this with precision and really took their time to ensure this piece would be perfect for the consumer. 

The sturdy hex base made it easy for me to set it down and the square mouthpiece made it simple for me to sit on my couch and rip a few hits. What I really liked most about this piece is the downstem and the bowl. The downstem has percolators that ensure a smooth hit without the afterburn and the bowl piece was built with a signature diamond pullout.

After admiring the piece for a few minutes, I decided to pack the bowl and start my sesh. Man was it one of the best seshes I’ve had in a while. From the percolation to the mouthpiece, I was able to easily slump on the couch and take several hits, without disrupting my comfortable seating.

The mouthpiece added to the comfort. I had a revelation and realized how important mouthpieces were to a comfortable smoking experience and the diamond pull out made it sooo easy to smoke.The wide base allowed me to add in a good amount of water and ice to make it even more enjoyable. 

Overall, I had no complaints at all from this bong, from the unboxing to the sparking up, I really enjoyed this piece a lot.

Hex Top Beaker Bong

red eye tek hext top beaker bong

After having a great sesh with the Hex Base Beaker Bong, I decided to try its sister, the Hex Top Beaker Bong. Like any Red Eye Tek product, this beaker bong was carefully wrapped in its brand box, with its logo all over it.

Upon opening the Hex Base earlier, I didn’t think I could be more blown away, but with this bong, I was wrong about that. I was once again surprised by the quality craftsmanship and the attention to detail of the bong, along with its unique iridescent coating that adds to the smoking session.

The Hex Top is very similar to the Hex base, both about the same compact size and weight, same sturdy glass with one key difference. The Hex Top has a wider, hexagonal shaped mouthpiece that makes taking your hit so much easier. The wide beaker shape on the bottom is wide enough to sit on a table or your lap and the Hex Top also includes a percolated downstem and signature diamond pull out.

I had high expectations after trying the Hex Base Beaker bong, and I was not disappointed. I was able to pack a good bowl and every hit I took was cooled down by the percolated down stem. I was a lot more comfortable in my sesh and I was able to enjoy smoking in a way I haven’t in a long time.

You simply can’t go wrong with either bong. Both are great companions for your smoke session and they can elevate your experience greatly.

Aorta Concentrate Recycler

red eye tek aorta recycler

Last but certainly not least, we have the Aorta Concentrate Recycler. This little recycler stands out from the other pieces on this list due to the fact it's designed for concentrates and the unique design of the body. Red Eye Tek has really taken up a notch with this recycler with it's complex cardiovascular system made perfectly for diffusing the harsh chemicals in dabs or concentrates.

From the matrix percolator on the bottom to the body, this recycler is small but mighty. It's perfect for dabbing, the sturdy bottom, the mouthpiece, and most importantly the quartz banger capable of withstanding high temperatures for heating dabs.

I got my set up ready, with my pick, my dabs, and my torch. I examined the piece like the other two and I was so excited to try it. I felt like a scientist trying this little recycler.

Upon my first hit, I tasted nothing but the juicy flavor and I had an amazing experience with this recycler, by far one of the best rigs I've ever smoked out of.

Red Eye Tek Beaker Tube Bong, Aorta Concentrate Recycler, & Hex Top Beaker Bong Review - Conclusion

Upon trying all three pieces from Red Eye Tek, I definitely know what all the hype is about. From the beautiful bodies and iridescent borosilicate glass, all the way to the tech that complete these pieces, I really, really enjoyed these bongs.

Red Eye Tek really knows what they're doing with these pieces and I would highly recommend these pieces to any cannabis or concentrate connoisseur. Add one of these to your collection and you won't regret it!

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