Boundless Technology CFC 2.0 Review


The versatile, durable and ergonomic CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology is a handheld dry herb vaporizer designed with a comfortable shape and an intuitive interface that provides outstanding vaping sessions.

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Handheld dry herb vaporizers are a very interesting variety of vaporizer since they always seem to come in unique shapes and sizes.

After glancing at the picture on the box of the CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology, the pen-shape may seem like a typical design, but I would argue it is more sharpie-shaped, being wider than most pen-shaped vaporizers, which results in a more comfortable and secure grip.

Bundled with the CFC 2.0 are two adapters, one that allows the typical handheld operation, and one that allows the device to be attached to a water pipe.

Coupled with an intuitive digital display and interface, the handheld CFC 2.0, when attached to your glass water pipe, effectively becomes a digital desktop dry herb vaporizer right before your eyes.

Boundless Technology Company Profile

A company established with the intention of introducing unique and high-quality vaporizers that provide high value without breaking the bank, Boundless Technology has quickly grown into a company that offers a range of dry herb, concentrate and wax vaporizers that deliver great performance.

Boundless Technology’s product lineup is not only unique but very stylish, with all devices sharing a noticeably similar design aesthetic, including beautiful wavy groove designs that uniquely contour each individual device’s body.

The company also offers a variety of accessories for its devices and every product purchased comes with a limited three-year warranty.

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Review: CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology

The appeal of the CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology immediately begins with the color scheme of the packaging that it comes in. The teal on a dark gray color scheme is a soothing and fitting tone to pair with the black contouring lines that garnish the box and sleeve.

Some of the most important design aspects of the CFC 2.0 are printed on the cover, foreshadowing the excellent vaping sessions soon to be had.

The sleeve states that the device has a temperature range from 140F-466F and features a leaf to indicate that a dry herb vaporizing device is contained inside.

The box states that the CFC 2.0 features full temperature control, a ceramic heating chamber, extended battery capacity and is bundled with a water pipe adapter.

The complete package for the CFC 2.0 includes a mouthpiece adapter, a water pipe adapter, four spare metal screens, a poking tool, a cleaning brush, a USB charger, and the owner’s manual.

The device itself has a wide pen-shaped body made of two different textures of black plastic, with the top and bottom of the device being matte and a shiny stripe hugging the device from its foot to its head.

The power and temperature buttons on the front of the CFC 2.0 are large and work responsively, with the power being pressed five times sequentially to be turned on and off and the two temperature buttons placed above one another to allow intuitive temperature control.

The device’s display is not particularly large but the digits shown are clearly seen and actually seem larger than on most other vaporizers with small electronic displays. 

Using the CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology

There are so many reasons to love the CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology but I certainly do have a favorite reason to love it.

It all starts with holding the device in your hand, as it is more lightweight than it seems at first glance.

The large buttons are no-nonsense and register inputs very easily and effectively, and the display’s large digits clearly shows me everything I need to know.

Gripping the device is comfortable, with Boundless Technology’s trademark contoured ridges on the CFC 2.0 helping to provide a secure hold, a feature that is both functional and beautiful.

The device’s ceramic heating chamber can hold up to a half gram of ground-up herb, is white in color and features a surface finish that allows easy and very thorough cleaning with the provided cleaning tool.

Vaporizing with the CFC 2.0 with the mouthpiece on is very effective, providing over ten inhales per fill from my use, and the mouthpiece and body never get more than mildly warm to the touch.

The absolute best way to use the CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology is with the water pipe adapter.

Suddenly, the awesome handheld vape pen has turned into an awesome digital desktop dry herb vaporizer.

This is without a doubt my favorite way to use this device, and this feature single-handedly makes this device completely worth its modest price tag.

Add in all the other top-notch features of the CFC 2.0 by Boundless Technology and the device turns into one of the best handheld vaping devices available today. 

Look: 4.5/5

Build Quality: 4.5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.75/5

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