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A vaporizer that is as well-built, solid and attractive as it is efficient, effective and easy-to-use, the GHOST MV1 by GHOST Vapes creates an extremely satisfying vaping experience that takes dry herb vaporizing to new pleasurable heights.

 Furthering dry herb vaping technology is what inspired the creation of the company GHOST Vapes, whose stated ultimate goal upon being founded was “to create the best vaporizer in the world,” according to its website.

The fruit of their efforts is called the GHOST MV1, an immaculate, high-tech, very effective and simple-to-use vaporizer that utilizes an efficient vaping system for maximizing flavor and providing long-lasting sessions.

GHOST Vapes Company Profile

When a business is established with the specific intention of creating one product in particular, that product will get all the love and attention that an entire company can give, possibly resulting in something quite exceptional.

In a nutshell, this is how GHOST Vapes was established in 2015 and the MV1 vaporizer has turned out to be the exceptional product that the company was born to design.

Such a stellar product as the MV1 vaporizer is definitely a reflection of the company that designed it, as only a company with a team that has the utmost experience, knowledge, and determination could create a device that works and looks as well as the MV1.

The company’s website states it has “90+ years of combined experience in manufacturing, technology, e-commerce, and IP,” and it is easy to see how every one of those individual skills have directly resulted in the design of the MV1; the build quality is very high, the technology is cutting edge, you purchase the MV1 from the company’s slick and informative website and the MV1’s design is completely proprietary.

Considering all this, it’s safe to say that there is a talented and dedicated powerhouse of a company supporting the vaporizer and its users, creating a peace of mind which is further enhanced by the aromatherapy provided by using the MV1.

GHOST MV1 Review

The relatively simple-looking packaging of the MV1 vaporizer does not foreshadow what you will see when you open the box, as the simple all-black design of the box is completely unexciting compared to what greets your eyes after opening.

The MV1 is a marvel to look at, with it’s simple yet beautiful contoured outer shell design resembling something out of a science fiction movie from the 1950’s.

Ghost Vapes: Packaging

The design of the MV1 includes a glass mouthpiece to cool down the vapor before it reaches your mouth. The mouthpiece retracts into the heat sink at the top of the device after a session to provide protection and improve storage ability.

Below the heat sinks are the oven door and a latch to the right. The oven door features an attachment that cradles the crucible and perforated metal cover in their place during use and it closes with a firm press until it clicks shut.

The complete contents of the packaging include the MV1, a micro USB cable, two ceramic crucibles with detachable perforated metal lids, one concentrate pad, three dab tools and some cleaning supplies.

Ghost Vapes: Back

Towards the bottom of the MV1, there is a single button that is used to turn the device on, put it to sleep, cycle through preselected temperatures and display the battery level, all indicated by the simple 3-color LED display beneath the button.

The large battery pack for the MV1 attaches to the back of the device and is easily removed. Also on the rear of the device, there is a single button used for the activation of the vaporization function.

A feature that is not visible on the MV1 but is indeed there is the Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the device to connect to a smartphone and gives the user control over features like custom temperature settings, more accurate battery monitoring, renaming the device, and other customization options. 

Using the GHOST MV1

Ghost Vapes MV1

Vaporizing with the GHOST MV1 has been, and continues to be, a truly pleasurable experience.

I will admit that I was slightly intimidated by the device when I first looked at it, as in my mind I knew I was looking at a high-tech vaporizer but what I saw was a very simple-looking, yet attractive device.

The GHOST MV1 has some solid weight to it and feels very sturdy in the hands, with the oven door easily being opened and shut and the mouthpiece easily extended and retracted. The shape of the device allows for a perfect, comfortable and secure grip that does not strain the hands at all.

After charging the battery overnight as instructed, I turned on the MV1 and connected it to my smartphone through the GHOST Vapes app, set my customized temperature setting (which is 403F), loaded up a crucible with dry herb that has been ground to medium consistency and clicked the button three times to put it in “vape mode.”

Ghost Vapes MV1

Taking pulls from a loaded MV1 is as simple as pressing and holding the vape button on the rear of the device and waiting a few seconds for the oven to heat up and vaporize the contents.

The device vibrates when the vapor is ready to be inhaled, with the vape button needing to be pressed for the duration of the inhale. The vapor produced by the device is very tasty and never too warm.

Taking ten-second pulls (the recommended amount of time to inhale) is a breeze and doesn’t burn your throat. A full crucible provided me 6-7 tasty pulls, and a full battery provided up to 90 pulls total at 403F per pull.

I experienced a slightly weaker performance from the battery provided with the reviewed MV1. It is possible that the Bluetooth functionality was draining the battery while the device was in “sleep mode,” as the device’s Bluetooth is always discoverable and can be connected to a smartphone without taking the device out of “sleep mode.”

This dilemma can be easily solved by unplugging the battery after every use to fully turn the device off. The only honest complaint I have about the MV1 is how easy it is to burn your finger mid-session on the oven door as the heat really builds up in that section of the device.

A specific, yet still comfortable, grip needs to be used in order to avoid burning fingers, but this becomes second nature after a few uses. 

GHOST MV1 Verdict

The GHOST MV1 is a truly awesome device to use for dry-herb vaping. Anybody who is new to the vaping community would do well to purchase this device as their first vaporizer, as it currently doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to dry herb vaporizing.

The MV1 is technologically advanced, attractive, simple to use and produces some of the best vapor a handheld vaporizer can make. I highly recommend the MV1 to anyone who enjoys vaping their herb.

If dry-herb vaporizing is your preferred method of ingestion, and maximizing the effectiveness of the herbal properties is your preferred direction, then the GHOST MV1 vaporizer is definitely what you’re looking for.

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Overall Score: 4.75/5