Hamilton Devices Reviews | Cloak Vaporizer Battery


Hamilton Devices Reviews | Cloak Vaporizer Battery

The unwritten rules of etiquette state that sometimes it’s appropriate to be quiet and other times it’s ok to be loud, and both of the vaporizers in this review are designed to be the materialization of this very thought. Not to say that either of this vaporizer is loud at all, it is completely silent while in use, but as far as presentation and function go I would place “quiet” as a quality that the Cloak Vaporizer Battery has. This vaporizer has a rightful time and place where it is the most appropriate vaporizer to use and it excels at its functions. The Cloak, takes the already-discreet method of vaporizing with oil cartridges that have 510 threading and takes it a step further by making the cartridge literally disappear from sight while in use. The Cloak stays true to its name by cloaking the 1g or 1/2g 510 oil cartridge completely in a smooth, rounded, black plastic casing that has an opening at the top, straight sides and a flat bottom.
It turns out that the shape and size of the Cloak, along with its buttonless design, makes it easy to hold a certain way where the entire device is covered by the hand while in use, meaning the Cloak that cloaked the oil cartridge is being cloaked by the hand. With this level of discreetness, the only thing keeping James Bond from using the Cloak is the fact that it doesn’t self-destruct after use.

Hamilton Devices Company Profile

Hamilton Devices is a convenient retail web store and wholesale supplier of a variety of high-quality vaporizer products. The wide range of products offered on Hamilton Devices’ website includes batteries, cartridges, one-time-use products, tools for consumer and manufacturer use, vaporizers, and kits. Every item for sale has an informative description detailing what the product is capable of and any additional questions can be directed to the company’s friendly customer service division via email or phone. The ample amount of knowledge and experience found among Hamilton Devices’ staff has allowed the company to be one of the largest authorized dealers of CCELL products in the USA, a fact that’s proudly stated on their website.
In fact, I personally found the description of what CCell ceramic cartridge technology is and how it works to be much more informative on Hamilton Devices’ website than on CCELL’s own website. From my perspective, when the supplier offers a superior description of a certain device than the device’s manufacturer itself, it really reveals just how informed and passionate about the products the supplier’s staff is, which is great news for every potential customer. Hamilton Devices displays this exact high level of passion and interest in the products they sell, meaning visitors will never be lost on what they’re looking for and guaranteeing that all customers will make informed purchases.

Cloak Vaporizer Battery Review

The Cloak comes in a small square box with its name and the Hamilton Devices shark logo on the front, which all fits together well since the shark is an example of a silent predator capable of being cloaked by the shadowy depths of the sea. Inside the box, you’ll find a minimal set of contents, which also goes well with the Cloak’s name since it’s much easier to hide something that is simple by design and includes the Cloak battery itself, a USB cable and a single page instruction manual. The device is black in color, as small as the palm of my hand, and reminds me of the shape of a silo that has been flattened a bit, with rounded edges and a dome-shaped top. The CLOAK Vaporizer Battery appearance obviously doesn’t scream for attention but that’s ok because if it was laser blue & pink and 9 inches long then it wouldn’t be called the Cloak, would it? Discretion is the name of the game, here, and the Cloak accomplishes this very well thanks to its small size and visually unremarkable stature that makes it easy to hide while in use.
Loading the device simply takes sliding the cover off of the Cloak, screwing in the cartridge, and replacing the cover. The buttonless design of the Cloak allows the simplest and most discreet functionality possible, accomplished by just putting the device’s opening to your mouth and inhaling. The device’s power comes from a 650mAh battery that charges in about an hour or less and the charge lasts days from my use. The only thing that can possibly give away that you’ve got a Cloak in your hand is the sight of the clouds as you exhale, which can reach large proportions if the draw is long enough. This device is simply one of the most, if not the most, low-key oil cartridge vaporizer available, so if discretion is in order look no further than the Cloak Vaporizer Battery. Look: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5 Ease of Use: 5/5 Effectiveness: 4.9/5 Overall Score: 4.9/5 Try the CLOAK and other affordable products from Hamilton Devices today! Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF* your entire order from Hamilton Devices!
*maximum amount purchase is $150.00