Vessel Brand Expedition Reviews

Vessel Brand Expedition

Vessel Brand Reviews

The great outdoors can be tough on vaporizers not designed to withstand the challenges of the environment, a fact which inspired the designers at Vessel Brand to devise a cartridge vaporizer that looks, feels and works like it was made to be used in anywhere in the world.

The properly-named Expedition is the result of Vessel Brand’s own journey into discovering exactly what a vaporizer needs to be in order to work flawlessly wherever it is taken and simultaneously look stylish in the process.

The Expedition is a vaporizer that is constructed with anodized aluminum for toughness and equipped with a knurled grip design that ensures a firm handle is achieved even in the most challenging environments.

The two-tone color scheme of the Expedition gives it a professional appearance and combined with the rugged build quality it really gives off the impression of being a high-grade precision tool.

Vessel Brand Expedition

The Expedition accepts cartridges with 510 threading and features a protective plastic sleeve that is larger in size than the protectors on Vessel Brand’s other vaporizers to better shield glass tanks from outdoor hazards.

There are three voltage settings (2.8, 3.2 and 3.6) that are indicated by LED lights flashing a different color for each setting, and cycling the settings requires three quick presses of the power button.

The charging cable is equipped with a magnetic connector that snaps right on to the bottom of the Expedition, with charges taking around an hour at a time.

Choose the Expedition by Vessel Brand for a premium vaporizer that can withstand any environment without sacrificing flair. 

Vessel Brand Company Profile

Vessel Brand makes it clear on their website that the company focus is implementing the “best design and performance” into their lineup of premium vaporizers.

Although Vessel Brand’s vaporizers are divided into three main categories, which include Style, Wood, and Expedition, they all share some design aspects that are uniquely Vessel.

This includes a transition module that helps protect the cartridge’s glass tank, an air intake system that promotes improved air flow, anodized aluminum casing and a magnetic charging connector.

What sets Vessel’s vaporizers apart from one another are the little differences that define a lifestyle.

The Style lineup was made for those looking for a solid and straightforward device that doesn’t like to boast about being the best vape pen in the room.

Vessel Brand Expedition

The Wood lineup features the same dimensions as the Style but its entire lower half is made of walnut, giving the device a look of sophistication and the feeling of warm relaxation.

The Expedition lineup is the most rugged looking of Vessel’s vaporizers, sporting a larger transition module and a knurled grip design that give it the look and feel of a precision instrument.

Vessel Brand has an informative website that makes it easy to make knowledgeable purchases, which goes in line with the company’s concern with making customer experiences enjoyable and safe.

Visit Vessel Brand’s website today and see which of their unique vaporizers fits your lifestyle best.

Vessel Brand Expedition Review

Vessel Brand Expedition

Being “rugged” is not the most common quality for a vape pen to have, but the Expedition simply radiates toughness.

This doesn’t mean the Expedition doesn’t also look really, really, ridiculously good looking at the same time, because its black and red color scheme really gives it appeal.

I was immediately struck by the Expedition’s appearance as it reminded me of something more than a vaporizer, or like it was capable of doing more than what a vaporizer can do, like a Swiss Army knife.

The textured grip on the surface of the device reminds me of a precision screwdriver or mag light, and the color scheme makes it look like it means business.

Holding the device in my hand is a satisfying experience since the knurled grip design makes it easy to operate and the power button is positioned in just the right spot for the thumb to easily reach.

Vessel Brand Expedition

Charging the device requires using the included magnetic USB cable, which easily snaps on to the bottom of the Expedition and is ready to go after about an hour of charging.

I installed a 1g cartridge of CBD oil into the Expedition and tried every voltage setting out before settling on the high setting for my own use.

Cycling through the voltage settings is straightforward and made easy due to the subtle yet responsive power button.

The LED indicators are also subtle but clearly state what setting the device is currently on, which adds to the overall aesthetically pleasing appearance of the Expedition.

Using the device is very satisfying due to the premium build quality, the responsive controls, the perfect voltage settings, and the sexy looks.

I can feel comfortable taking the Expedition everywhere I go since it will last all day (and then some) and it’s built to withstand the hazards of travel. A superb device that feels like it will last a very long time.

Look: 4.9/5

Build Quality: 4.9/5

Ease of Use: 4.9/5

Effectiveness: 4.9/5

Overall Score: 4.9/5

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