Rogue Origin Hawaiian Haze & Lifter Pre-Roll Reviews

Rogue Origin

About Rogue Origin

Named after the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, Rogue Origin is a farm to door CBD company that sources all of their hemp flowers from their very own farm. Rogue Origin specializes in taking locally grown hemp flowers and making them picture-perfect for consumers across the country. 

When being cured, the hemp flowers are dried on the whole plant -- not on colas. Afterward, Rogue Origin makes sure to hand trim every hemp flower. Their hemp flowers are available as is, in pre-rolls, or they also sell their handmade hemp flower trim. Rogue Origin features local CBD genetics including the CBD variants of popular strains, including Hawaiian Haze CBD and Bubba Kush CBD

Rogue Origin sent over their pre-roll packs of the Hawaiian Haze and Lifter strains - two CBD strains I hadn’t had the chance to try before. Needless to say, I was very excited.

Rogue Origin Hawaiian Haze Pre-Roll Review

Rogue Origin-hawaiian-pre-roll

The Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 7-Pack comes in a branded and sealed black bag that needs to be cut open. Once it’s opened, a small cardboard pack which is sealed like a pack of cigarettes is revealed. Once you remove that bit of plastic, the cardboard pack slides open revealing 7 pre-rolls.

As soon as I broke the seal on the cardboard packaging, I was already greeted with the smell of Hawaiian Haze permeating through the papers to greet my nose. It was sweet, slightly floral, and had the distinct sharp, almost sour but the not-in-a-citrus-way signature smell of Haze.


Oregon CBD’s Hawaiian Haze purportedly includes genetics from the original Haze propagated by Sam Skunkman back in the 1970s. There are so many types of Haze out nowadays, including a THC-laden version of Hawaiian Haze, but they all have that distinct Haze taste and smell.

Lighting up the Rogue Origin Hawaiian Haze pre-roll was easy. Rogue Origin doesn’t do the twisted end on their pre-rolls that seems to be the industry standard. Instead, they fold the end of the pre-roll in which leads to better initial light in my opinion. There was no canoe and I was able to smoke the entire pre-roll without needing to relight it which is a good sign that what was in the pre-roll wasn’t tightly packed shake.

A few puffs in, I was already feeling the telltale signs of CBD. The “silent buzz” that is distinctly noticeable but also distinctly non-intoxicating, as well as a burst of mental energy, were the key features I felt. Rogue Origin’s Hawaiian Haze tested at 13.9% CBD - and since the pre-roll weighed in at a solid 1g, I can confidently say that on the next one I might save half for later.

  • Taste: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.7/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 4.7/5

Rogue Origin Lifter Pre-Roll Review


The Lifter Hemp CBD Pre-roll 7-pack comes in the same black, resealable bag but with a green lifter sticker instead of the Hawaiian Haze’s sangria colored one. The Lifter pre-rolls are sealed away in the same cardboard pack - weighing 1g each and are filled with Lifter at a lab-tested 17.9% CBD.

The smell of the Lifter pre-rolls was even more pungent than the Hawaiian Haze in my opinion - though the notes were mostly different. Rogue Origin’s Lifter smells a little sharp but with a sweetness to it - that sweetness isn’t floral in the least bit. It honestly smells like the kind of non-OG hybrid that I am always searching for at the dispensary. All this combined with a hint of the tangy haze smell.


Once I lit up the Lifter pre-roll, I was impressed by how smooth it was. The taste of the haze was a little more prevalent than the smell of the haze - which isn’t surprising given that Suver Haze is one of Lifter’s parents. I believe the distinct taste on the exhale of the Lifter pre-rolls was granted by Lifter’s other parent: Early Resin Bud.

Whatever the reason for Lifter’s lifted status, I felt that I was at a great place halfway through the joint and I put it out to come back to a few hours later. The most concise way that I can put how I felt was that it was almost like I had taken a small CBD dab: I felt like I should have been coughing more, but I wasn’t. Compared with Hawaiian Haze, Rogue Origin’s Lifter is a heavy hitter as far as CBD is concerned and may be the better choice between the two when it comes to “lift vs ticket.”

  • Taste: 4.9/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 4.9/5

Rogue Origin’s pre-rolls are well made and feature quality hemp flowers - which should be a bare minimum when it comes to smoking a hemp flower pre-roll. Their strains are well selected, well grown, and well cured - all leading to a finished product that is perfect for sharing or gifting. These pre-rolls are good for on the go or just chilling at home. I definitely recommend their Hawaiian Haze for the mornings and their Lifter for those seeking even stronger CBD effects any time of the day.

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