Rogue Origin Lifter Flower and Pre-roll Review

lifter by rogue origin

Rogue Origin Company Info

Rogue Origin is a farm to door CBD company that sources all of their hemp flowers from their own backyard: Rogue Family Farms. Another thing that sets them apart is their curing process: the hemp flowers are dried on the whole plant instead of on colas. Afterwards, Rogue Origin also hand trims their hemp flower.  They have several strains available. I’ve previously been able to try Rogue Origin’s Hawaiian Haze and Sour Space Candy strains so when they sent over their Lifter hemp flower and Lifter pre-rolls, I was excited to try them.

Rogue Origin Lifter Flower Review

Rogue Origin sends their Lifter CBD Hemp flower in a simple, black-top glass jar emblazoned with a brand sticker and a sticker showing their Lifter design. Each jar comes with a heavy 3.5g of Rogue Origin’s Lifter strain that tests in at 15.9% CBD - grown and cured in sunny Oregon. The smell is sharp and fruity at first but then settles down into an almost cheese-like aura of funk. Squeeze the bud for an instant replay of the smell, but don’t be surprised when your fingers don’t come away as sticky or icky as the smell might make you think it does. After all, this is legal hemp flower that arrives via mail. I will say that looks wise, this batch of nugs itself isn’t the most beautiful that I’ve seen from Rogue Origin’s lineup. I like the lifted, meditating, and possibly medicated being which Rogue Origin features in their strain graphic. That person has no identifying features and could be of any gender or ethnicity - they could be you or me or anyone around us - and all that’s needed to make that first leap (lift) of faith is to try some of this here flower. I packed a bowl for the bong full of lifter and managed to find the corner of a circle and just roast a tiny bit of the well packed bowl. The first rip and subsequent rips were smooth going in and tasty going out. The hits had throat feel and did not have that lawn mower clippings smell or taste - this flower hits just as good as the last batch of Rogue Origin that I was able to try - their Sour Space Candy. Whether you’re looking for a tobacco alternative or something to mix with other types of combustibles, Rogue Origin’s flower has you covered. Every time I think of CBD flower legally making its way from one part of the US of A to another, I get a little happy. Things may not be as unprohibited as in the Great White North, but we’re getting there. Put that in your pipe and shmoak it.

Rogue Origin Lifter Pre-rolls Review

The Rogue Origin Lifter Pre-rolls come in a standard looking green box which comes in a standard looking black bag. Once you unveil the box, you’re greeted with the same Lifter strain design but now on a pre-roll box. The box contains seven pre-rolls and each pre-roll has 0.5 grams of the Lifter CBD Hemp flower. The pre-rolls are nicely packed, not too tight and one thing that I like about them is that the tips have been folded down, not rolled. Depending on your first light technique, this helps avoid canoeing in my experience. Something to do with there being more paper and air there to get a good burn. I took a Lifter pre-roll with me onto the half-shaded balcony in the morning along with a book that I’ve been slowly trudging through. I’ve gone at a slow pace not because it is boring, but because I want the book to last. It’s a collection of short stories and perfect fodder for lifted reading. Careful not to get ash on my book, I lit up and gave the pre-roll leisurely drags at regular intervals - every paragraph. It was puff puff pass to the next words, and all the time my mind and mood were being lifted. The joint was out by the time I finished the first story, but I became so engrossed that I broke my own rule about taking it slow and delved into a second and third story while zoned into the book with my mind productively chugging away with relevant thoughts. The pre-roll was a better taste test for the Lifter than my bong-bowl-packs of the flower. It’s a loud and tasty experience and I was able to taste some gas tones through the sharp tang. There’s something in me that enjoys smoking hemp flower pre-rolls in public places. I guess I believe that this is what normalization looks (and smells) like, so it’s time for society at large to get with it. Rogue Origin’s pre-rolls were good to me in the privacy of my own balcony, and out at the park. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d get me lifted (not high) anywhere I chose to smoke them. Rogue Origin’s CBD hemp flower continues to impress. Their form factors, plain old flower or well made pre-rolls, are exactly what the masses need. These pre-rolls are good use at home or on the go and provide a usually much needed boost in mood, focus, and energy. If you’re looking for a powerful CBD strain and a farm that knows how to grow it, look no further than Rogue Origin’s Lifter. Use code “ROGUE35” for an awesome 35% OFF your entire order from Rogue Origin Hemp!