Royal Botanical CBD | Get Back to a Better Quality of Life


Getting into the CBD Space

Royal Botanical is a Hemp product company who specializes in helping people reduce their pain and help them get a better night’s sleep. Every product Royal Botanical creates is made in Colorado and only has the highest quality of ingredients. There are many reasons to create a CBD company, but Andy Huang, the CEO of Royal Botanical says that it all started with trying to help his family find relief.
CEO of Royal Botanical, Andy Huang being interviewed at a tradeshow.
Huang explained that they launched Royal Botanical last November, but his CBD journey originally started three years ago when he was trying to find a solution for his mom's arthritis pain. “When I got into this, I wanted to find something that will work for my mom because she has very bad arthritis. She is always in pain and I heard cannabis can actually help,” he said. “Three years ago I started to look into research that’s related to cannabis because it was going to be on the ballot, legislation was going to happen, and at the time my dog had cancer. And that’s what started my journey into cannabis three years ago. I was able to find results that helped my dog using THC and CBD products.”
Seeing your family in pain can really drive you to find the best solutions to make them happy again. But even with that drive and passion, you need experts in marijuana to help guide you throughout the process. Huang acknowledged that he was a beginner in the marijuana industry but felt that with his experience handling many different companies he could do this with the help of trained experts. Huang said that he was able to find the top experts in the field with the help of Cornell Universities veterinary department. He said, “I was able to find guys who have proprietary genetics, they did something with Cornell on their product with the veterinary department and Cornell published a study that states CBD helps with arthritis and I was ecstatic when I found that genetic. I was excited to make them my partners and convert this into human grade products.” And that is exactly what Andy Huang did. He made this product and wanted to make sure it worked so he asked his mom to try this for her pain.

How People Found Relief in Royal Botanical CBD

Huang said, “And the first person I tested was my mom. She said she felt it thirty minutes later, her hands can move without any pain. Ever since then the rest was history. It worked for my mom, I wanted to let everybody else have the opportunity to have this so we decided to fully scale on this product.” He was elated that he could finally give relief to his mom who has been struggling with her arthritis to have a normal life. After that, he wanted to try the CBD product for himself for his own health issues.
Huang told us that he has had issues with his triglycerides, which can cause other health issues, for about 17 years and he couldn’t find anything that would help. He explained, “Six months into the product my triglycerides dropped to about 170. And my blood sugar level before I ate anything was around 140s but that came down to 90 as well.” Huang explained one of his partners suffers from Gout and when he has attacks he takes about to 10 to 20 Tylenols a day to deal with the pain. But he said that now he takes 8 soft gels and 1 to 2 Tylenol and he feels better which has changed the way he functions for the better. Because everyone on the team needed CBD, they fully believe in their product and want to change as many lives as they can with CBD. Huang added, “We became believers because of our own health issues, our families health issues who were able to see relief and everything we have built is based around families. I want my mom to take cannabis without smoking or vaping it or rubbing it because it helps her to ingest it.” This is the case for many people who prefer to ingest CBD for effectiveness or to be private about what they are consuming. Royal Botanical is a company who solely focuses on creating a product designed for what the customer needs- even down to easy to open packaging and easy dosing.

Easy to Open Packaging and Easy Dosing

Many CBD users don’t know how much they are getting in a dose and have a hard time opening the packaging because of the glass bottles. They are also hard to travel with because they are glass and TSA associate the glass bottles size and shape to marijuana. All of these issues are why Royal Botanical designed a soft gel CBD in a blister pack.
Huang explained, “The way we package our products is different than anybody else because, with [my mom’s] arthritis, she has a hard time opening tinctures and trying to dose with tinctures. So we dabbled with [many] different packaging styles just to see what is the best way for users to consume the product. We designed our soft gels in a blister pack so that way it keeps it fresh, it’s easy to dose, and people can travel anywhere in the world and nobody would know what this is.” Huang wanted to create something that was easy to travel with because he knows that people need to take it with them. He said, “My mother in law is in Asia and she has Parkinson’s and I typically mail 100’s of these back without any questions. When people look at our blister packs, they look like high-end fish oil pills. So that was the thought behind it, we wanted to make it convenient for people. And it’s also easy to bring onto the plane with them in case they need it. I carry soft gels with me all the time.”
That is the brilliance of Royal Botanical. Some people might have arthritis who can't open most packaging and some might have panic attacks or seizures and need easy to open medication to help them as fast as possible. Also, it can be frustrating to figure out how to carry glass bottles, with these soft gels, it looks no different than a normal vitamin.

CBD Softgels and Things to Come

Currently Royal Botanical offers two formulations of CBD soft gels that come in different strengths from 350 mg to 1050 mg of CBD and range in price from $29.95 to $89.95. Andy Huang said that they spent a lot of time creating a product that would provide instant gratification for anyone who uses them. He explained, “We tried to make a product where the user will have instant gratification when they take it. So far, we have a 100 percent conversion rate meaning when the user who has neurological issues, pain or sleeping disorders take it they feel relief. Generally, anyone can feel relief within 30 minutes if they swallow it. They can break it and try to use it as a tincture, they can bite it and let it absorb through under the tongue. And that can usually be felt within 5 minutes.” Royal Botanicals CBD soft gels are easy to use and work like a dream for instant pain relief and help you sleep. We asked Andy Huang if there were any other products in the works and he told us an exciting launch of topical products is coming very soon!
Huang said, “We came out with a massage oil, hand cream, lip balm, stretch mark remover. Different topical items we are gearing to launch for the holiday season for females. We formulated products just for that market for people who want to reduce inflammation [and] we want to give them all natural high-quality essential oils plus the CBD full spectrum oil without THC into our product line.” We love the sound of this line and cannot wait to try it, especially with the holidays right around the corner! Women need more products geared towards them in the marijuana industry and this sounds amazing. Clearly Royal Botanical and its entire team are very in tune with its customer base and what they need. We asked Andy Huang to talk about what sets Royal Botanical apart from the competition and he said that it is their compassion and care for those who need it most. Huang explained, “My biggest demographic are seniors. Mostly moms and grandparents. For somebody like my mom who has arthritis or my mother in law with Parkinson’s, they need their quality of life back. Ever since my mother in law started taking our soft gels with trace amounts of THC in it, she can function normally now. She can move her hands freely, she can even play with her 3-year-old grandson. She’s happier.” Huang added that he sees many grandparents use Royal Botanical soft gels and they can revert to their old way of living which is the best gift for them to have. “In the community, I have grandmas who are taking our product and they swear by it because if they don’t take it they can't move. Now because of our products they are able to go to the park, they are able to rewind 5 to 10 years of their life. They get back to their old quality of life to enjoy with their families.” He finished by saying that he just wants everyone to get ahold of Royal Botanical soft gels to be happy. He concluded, “It is our mission for every family to have access to that. So not just my mom or my mother in law, but everybody’s mom and everybody’s grandparent can have the opportunity to have a product they can take and have a better quality of life for them to enjoy.” If you or someone you know is looking to try Royal Botanical you can check out everything about them on Slyng!