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Savage CBD Reviews

Savage CBD brings reputable products that speak for themselves. The company has a unique approach toward CBD products including their quality line of oils, tinctures, lotions, sunblocks, cartridges, edibles, pet products, and clothing. Besides the endless options of CBD, they deeply take care of the consumer needs by providing lab results of each product. Whether you look it up on their website or scan the QR code on the box of the item, the details are accessible to any customer.

Who is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD brings honesty into their products by being a member of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and products going through the Vapor Technology Association (VTA), providing me with the assurance that they are doing everything possible to be the purest and safest forms of CBD. There aren’t many companies that offer discounts anymore, but their website is full of sales and affordability for the buyers. The company offers a military discount which provides a sense of certainty in the aspect of them caring for those who sacrifice their lives for our country. There are two products I recently tried from the company that had me in awe of their products. The Savage CBD Tranquil 1000mg and the Savage CBD Vape Shot 1000mg are two remarkable products that instantly work.

Savage CBD Tranquil 1000mg Reviews

The Savage CBD Tranquil 1000mg box is full of color with a bright green that brings a hint of what the flavor might consist of. The packaging is modern with a shiny coating on the color and a matte finish on the ridges. This CBD is versatile and can be used as a tincture or vaped. The bottle is 30ml, which is a substantial amount given the dosage is 1000mg. They offer five different flavors including Hustle (Raspberry+Sugar Cookie), Serene (Green Apple Candy, Tranquil (Mango, Blood Orange & Coconut), Blue Driven (Blue Raspberry) and the unflavored Savage CBD Vape Shot. Tranquil has an instant smell brings me to a paradise, breathing in the smell of coconut, mango and blood orange. The oil itself is clear, which brings pure and cleanliness to mind. The best part about this product is I can scan the QR code outside the box or on the product and it brings me to the lab results of the product. Offering a quick source to discover what ingredients are being put in our body is important. Savage CBD Tranquil 1000mg has a desirable taste that leaves you with a tropical twist in your mouth. At least for me, since I tinctured this product, I was happily surprised with the lingering taste of a fruit bowl. I used 25 ml which was surprisingly enough for me, I usually have to take 75ml of other brands. I also decided to rub some on my neck and shoulders, which instantly felt relief. My day-long computer encounters leave me with a stiff neck, shoulders, and back. I fell in love with the smell of Tranquil almost instantly and the relief that it gave me. As a habitual CBD user, I don’t think there has been any other CBD with such consistency with every part. To get the full experience I decided to Vape, and my result was phenomenal. My body pain went away with only a full hit along with the aches throughout my body. I highly recommend this product for any person who struggles with Lupus, Diabetes, Arthritis or Fibromyalgia. My mother has Lupus as well as Fibromyalgia, so I had to let her try it by vape form as well as rubbing it on her back. I could feel it easily absorbed and bringing down her inflammation right away. The long-lasting effect of the product provides you with a couple of hours of freedom without filling any discomfort. As someone who constantly feels pain in certain parts of my body, there isn’t an end use for these products. Look: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5 Ease of Use: 4/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Overall Score: 5/5

Savage CBD Vape Shot Reviews

Savage CBD Vape Shot comes in three different sizes: 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. The Vape Shot’s purpose is to be a legendary mix in the e-juice, an additive in an E-liquid or by tincture. The box has the same modern look to it, but with silver. The bottle is just as easy as the other bottle, push down and twist. The clear liquid appears clean and significant for many types of uses. The smell is odorless with a small amount of light refreshing smell. Savages CBD products are filled to the top. Another product I enjoyed is the Savage CBD Vape Shot, which as the legendary name for a reason. The flavorless taste is perfect for adding to your own vape. The benefits of this product are the company thinks of the consumer needs right away. The products are resourceful for anyone who wants to ease the pain or anxiety. The idea behind giving the buyers the option on how they want to use the product is genius because many people prefer different ways to use CBD. With high expectations for this product, Savage CBD exceeding my expectations. Fulfilling the customer's needs and wants and putting it into a product is what they provided us with. The details that come with the product and the assurance that it has been safely cleared by the HIA and VTA lead me to be a Savage customer for a lifetime. Look: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5 Ease of Use: 4/5 Effectiveness: 4/5 Overall Score: 5/5 Try any of Savage CBD products for yourself and use code “SAVAGE20” for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order from Savage CBD site!