SeaBeDee Interview | Ride the Waves with CBD


SeaBeDee Interview| Ride the Waves with CBD

SeaBeDee is all about helping you live a naturally healthy life with their fast acting and easy to use CBD products.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to the founders of SeaBeDee, Paul Clotar and Pete Stadniuk about their SeaBeDee story and what sets them apart in the CBD industry.

Who Is SeaBeDee?

SeaBeDee is a high-quality CBD company who are located in the San Francisco area. SeaBeDee launched at the beginning of 2019 but have been doing hardcore research and development to create the best CBD they possibly could.

It all started with two close friends, Paul Clotar and Pete Stadniuk, who had a dream of creating products to help people.

Clotar said, “We jumped into this space full force because we saw a need for full transparency with customers and providing a product that is actually in the bottle when you say it’s in the bottle. We are both super blunt and honest and forward about pretty much everything we do and our company is built off of that. We’ve been best friends since college and were super excited about this opportunity.”

Due to their ferocity in creating the perfect CBD line, they have risen to the top quickly and are loved by many customers looking for the best.

The Beginning and Having a Unique Name

Starting up a new company can be challenging, but if you have the drive and passion your ideas can take you anywhere. Since CBD is a high commodity in the cannabis space right now, many people create products that claim to be high quality but are not what they say.

Many have no drive behind their business besides a financial gain, but Stadniuk and Clotar say you need more than that to make an all-star brand.

Clotar said, “I own a marketing agency and I was working with [some] CBD firms prior to starting my own. I saw that they were misleading customers and not providing the quality product they say they were. It totally rubbed me the wrong way as a marketer. This product is supposed to be a holistic approach to health and wellness. That is what our core beliefs are.”

Stadniuk tried to get into the cannabis industry years back but hit roadblocks due to the regulations and laws that make it hard to get anywhere. All of that mixed with their family members who needed a healthier alternative for medication pushed them to learn more about CBD.

Stadniuk said, “My mom had surgery early on in my life and she was prescribed all this medication and when she took it she would be a completely different person. Later she took cannabis and she got rid of all the medications and was able to manage her pain. That was incredible to see and had a lasting impression on me.”

This type of passion for helping others is rare, and it is something that has helped Stadniuk and Clotar create such an honest and amazing brand.

SeaBeDee is a great name so we wanted to know how they came up with it. Clotar laughed a bit before he answered with, “We use the play on words because we thought it was clever, Pete came up with it. It's unique because everyone tries to have all these crazy names and use the word CBD constantly. So we decided to spell out CBD but with the ocean in it-sea.”

Having Full Transparency and Amazing Products

Having passion and a fun name is not the only things that set SeaBeDee apart from their competition. In this industry, you need to know your stuff and create products that will always perform the way you tell your customers they will.

Clotar explained,

We did a lot of research and development for what goes into the products that differentiate us from other CBD companies. Our custom formulation is unique because we add in different percentages of additional terpenes mixed with the premium CBD oil that helps aid with certain conditions. We have anxiety, inflammation, and sleep blends. We do a lot of blind test studies with different people and give out products for free just to see how impactful it is for their conditions. We want people to know exactly what’s in the bottle and what type of ingredients they're getting.


There is not a single company in the entire world that has better CBD quality in oil than us. I know that is a pretty bold statement but we find the best quality available on the market. We make sure all of the hemp prior to extraction is tested for pesticides. It starts from the hemp all the way to the final result of the product and that’s the batch of oil we extract from the hemp.

When a founder or CEO of a company is invested in every aspect of the business, it makes a difference in the overall product.

Clotar said, “We handwrite notes to people inside their packages to say thank you for purchasing from us. Then we have a call center that we will take calls frequently on to answer questions about the products. We’re very hands-on founders and that’s throughout the whole process.”

SeaBeDee Giving Back and A Brand You Can Trust

Both Stadniuk and Clotar focus on giving back to their community, specifically veterans, active military, and those diagnosed with cancer. Giving back means a lot to both of them and they care deeply about others.

Clotar said, “That is something that we take to our hearts. We offer a lifetime 15 percent discount to any veterans or active duty military. On an annual basis, we are donating 3 percent of proceeds to the American cancer institute. Just to try and help fight and find cures for cancer.”

Stadniuk also holds cancer research close to his heart due to his father being diagnosed four months ago. He said, “My dad was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and I was researching like crazy to find things that help with that and if there was any way we could stop the growth of the tumor. I was amazed to find what CBD could do for cancer and it made me feel really good about our mission and what we were doing.”

The SeaBeDee team wants to make sure their customers love the product and feel comfortable with the brand as a whole. It is really special when you stand behind a companies values and feel like they actually care about you and your needs. Personally, when I find a company that holds to that standard, I never forget it and will always go back to them- which is something Stadniuk and Clotar strive to create with their brand.

Clotar explained, “Just that they [customers] can trust the brand. That they can trust the products that they’re getting. That they don’t feel like they are being ripped off or feel skeptical about the brand in any way. That’s our biggest goal as a company.”

They also strive to create a product that truly makes a difference in peoples lives. Stadniuk and Clotar have seen first hand how high-quality CBD can impact their families lives and they want to bring that feeling of hope to other families as well.

Stadniuk added, “The big thing we've looked into is the opioid epidemic that’s going on in the world and our country specifically. I've had friends from high school overdose and we just want to be able to provide relief for people that want options in life. The end goal for us is to become a trusted source of CBD for anybody. Everything is transparent and you get a quality product.”

What's Next for SeaBeDee?

With passionate and bold statements like those, it's hard to not want to order everything SeaBeDee offers right now. I am particularly interested in the anxiety blend that contains 400mg of CBD as well as Linalool and Limonene which help to promote relaxation. As someone who suffers from extreme anxiety, I appreciate that they created a blend specifically to help with that issue.

That being said, there are some other exciting ventures in the works for SeaBeDee customers to look forward to.

Clotar said, “We've got CBD gummies launching this week. They are a sour neon gummy bear, 10mg in each gummy bear with 30 gummies per package. We are also launching CBD peach rings and unique flavored vapes shortly after that. Then our sleep tincture will be having some revisions to it. We are going to be adding a nice lavender and melatonin, as a 2.0 of our sleep blend.”

The innovative way this company works is progressive and they are always willing to try something new.

Clotar agrees and said, “Were not scared to do a lot of things in the CBD space and were trying to pioneer this and not follow someone else's footsteps. So we're constantly looking for ways to be unique with our products, ingredients, and things we do for customers. From the ground up trying to educate people and give them tons of knowledge so they feel totally comfortable and trusting of what company they choose to use and stick with us once they are with us.”

SeaBeDee is a company that creates products for everyone to live happier and healthier with the best CBD products on the market. Clotar and Stadniuk turned their passion into an amazing company where others feel like family with every purchase. If you want to become a part of the SeaBeDee family, you can use code “seabe15” for 15% off of your order.