Get Your Vape Items Delivered

Vape Items Delivered
How has Covid-19 Changed the Vaping Industry? 
The Covid-19 outbreak has caused an increase in both stress and spare time and many are struggling with anxiety and boredom while stuck at home. This has led to dispensaries and vape shops experiencing an unprecedented number of customers, some of them lining up around the block to get their vaping supplies. Many of those who need supplies do not want to stand in line with those who may be infected are not obeying the social distancing directives and others are worried where they will get their products from if shops are forced to close until the pandemic is contained.

How Can Hamilton Devices Help Those Quarantined or Social Distancing?

Vaping is an activity that many individuals do in their spare time or when they are stressed. Vaping is legal in the United States for those over 18 years of age and vaporizers can be used anywhere that smoking is not prohibited. The recent illnesses due to vaping have also now been identified as being caused by vitamin E acetate, a substance found in some products containing THC. Hamilton Devices is committed to quality and tests all its products for this harmful substance and guarantees they are vitamin E acetate-free. Hamilton DevicesHamilton Devices, the authorized manufacturer of CCELL vaping products, remains open and continues to do business as usual. As an online-only store, Hamilton can help customers get all the products they need without having to travel to stores and risk infection. Hamilton Devices ships all their CCELL products, including pod systems, batteries, CCELL cartridges, and disposables, directly to their customers’ doors. This is a lifeline for many who are under shelter-in-place orders or who live in cities where their local smoke shops have temporarily closed their doors.

Why Should You Buy from Hamilton Devices?

CCELL is on the cutting edge of the portable vaporizer industry. The company has been making high-quality products for over 12 years and employs more than 10,000 team members. This includes 260 research and development engineers and 200 quality control experts who make sure each and every product lives up to the CCELL name. Hamilton Devices is an authentic CCELL supplier. CCELL, which is one of the most trusted brands in the vaping industry, makes high-quality, safe products that are all tested by third-party labs. Not only can customers be assured their vaping products are made of the best materials, but they can also feel safe knowing that their products will not cause respiratory problems. The team at Hamilton Devices is also committed to the highest cleaning, disinfecting, and other precautionary measures to ensure their manufacturing and distribution facilities are safe. Hamilton Devices CCELL products are made with the latest advanced technology that excels at storing, absorbing, and vaporizing high-viscosity oils. Their patented ceramic formula prevents leaks and gives users the ultimate vaping experience. As one of the most reputable vape shops online, Hamilton Devices has excellent customer service and stands behind all their products. You’ve likely seen CCELL products in your favorite vape shop as they sell their products wholesale to vape and smoke shops. However, the best way to get CCELL products in this new climate of social distancing is to buy them directly from the Hamilton Devices website. Not only will you avoid long lines and possible virus transmission, but you’ll also know you are buying authentic CCELL vaporizers and accessories.
Vape Items Delivered

Hamilton Devices Shipping Times

Customers looking for a vape shop online are usually concerned with two things: quality of products and shipping time. Those who don’t have access to their local vape shops do not want to wait weeks on end for their products and they also don’t want to sacrifice quality for quick shipping. Hamilton Devices takes care of both these concerns with the majority of their products shipping via USPS Priority mail in only 2-3 days. If you are worried about getting vaping products if you are under quarantine, are sheltering in place, or your local smoke shop has closed, there’s no need to stress. Simply visit the Hamilton Devices website for a huge selection of high-quality vaping products that will ship to your home quickly and securely.