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SkyBlue Vapor Review

Creating a vaporizer that provides its owners with more than a superb vaping experience takes the ingenuity of an open-minded and progressive-thinking manufacturer, which is a description that aptly fits the company SkyBlue Vapor, who is the maker of the product in this review: the SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen. The SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen is a premium vaporizer made of high-grade materials like medical-grade stainless steel, food-grade ceramic and titanium, all of which provide clean and tasty sessions without a doubt. Not only that, but the entire SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen package comes with everything you need to maintain and take it on the go, including a handy carrying case and even an AC plug for the USB charger (an item that is left out of most vaporizer tool sets almost by default). So, you may be wondering, what is this talk about the SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen providing more than a great vaping experience? The answer lies in the thoughtfulness of the maker, SkyBlue Vapor, and how they attach certain progressive and humanitarian incentives to purchasing their vaporizer. Every time you see somebody using a SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen, it’s a sign that a charitable cause chosen by SkyBlue was supported by both the company and the customer, as 3% of the profits went to that cause. In addition to giving to charity, every SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen purchase also means that the environmentally-friendly operations of SkyBlue are given a chance to continue running, as the entire company runs off of renewable wind and solar energy. The SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen aims to be more than just a great vaporizer and it certainly surpasses that goal thanks to its compassionate maker, SkyBlue Vapor.

SkyBlue Vapor Company Profile

Based in the state of Pennsylvania, SkyBlue Vapor was founded with the idea of becoming an ethical company that not only makes top-rated vaporizers with high-grade materials but who also contributes to the well-being of its community and beyond. First and foremost, SkyBlue Vapor as a company focuses on designing the cleanest-tasting and most durable vaporizers money can buy, and they’ve made this possible by utilizing the extensive personal and industry experience that the company’s founders and engineers have with vaporizing. The company’s standard of quality includes using only high-quality materials that are medical- and food-grade, along with design aspects that make their products easy to travel with and rugged enough to withstand the pressures of being stuffed in a tight pocket. SkyBlue Vapor’s code of ethics takes it beyond creating top-of-the-line vaporizers and into the realm of making positive differences in their community, environment and the world. To start, the company’s headquarters employs the local citizens of their community, as 85% of their operations are conducted in the USA, benefitting the locals out in northeastern Pennsylvania. SkyBlue Vapor takes its name after a beautiful, unpolluted blue sky, and they contribute to keeping our skies as blue as they can be by running the company entirely on renewable energy, especially wind and solar energy. Lastly, the company contributes a portion of its profits to a charity of their choice, making a positive difference somewhere in the world every time one of their flagship SkyBlue Original Vape Pens is sold. Going with SkyBlue Vapor is a good choice overall.

SkyBlue Original Vape Pen Review

Arriving in a black box with a large SkyBlue logo on the front, the SkyBlue Original Vape Pen’s package comes with lots of goodies in it.
Everything included is listed on the back of the box, included is a travel case, the SkyBlue Vapor Battery, one concentrate atomizer (dry herb and oil atomizers sold separately), a mouthpiece cover (!!!), two SkyBlue Dab Slabs, a micro USB charger (including an AC plug!) a picking tool, a cleaning brush, a non-stick container, a user manual and a lifetime warranty card.

Using the SkyBlue Original Vape Pen

The SkyBlue Original Vape Pen arrives fully assembled and is ready to be charged and used. Charging took me less than an hour (the manual says it takes a maximum of three hours) which was awesome since I was eager to try it out. The SkyBlue Original Vape Pen is extremely lightweight (1oz), making it virtually unnoticeable when it is pocketed and a breeze to travel with.
Locking and unlocking the device takes five quick clicks and there is only one temperature setting, which is fine with me since that temperature (400F) is perfectly low for vaporizing concentrates, and it actually is a personal preference of mine to have the temperature that low. Loading the concentrates is a simple affair as the mouthpiece comes off with an easy pull, exposing the ceramic body of the single-coil titanium and quarts atomizer, ready and waiting to be filled. The low-temperature setting allows the atomizer to be loaded with smaller amounts of concentrate than a higher-temperature setting, which allows more discreet and odorless vapes to be had. I personally went big my first time using the SkyBlue Original Vape Pen, loading up the atomizer with as much crumble as I could fit in there.
The battery automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of straight use, but heating it up for that long with a full atomizer is only for madmen. I held the button down and drew for only about five seconds and felt entirely shot-up with vapor, held it in for a few seconds to savor the moment before finally exhaling and receiving a rush of flavor and an all-around good feeling.
The SkyBlue Original Vape Pen can really pack a punch despite its permanent low-temperature setting, and combined with top-notch portability, durability, materials, design and a bonus contribution to charity, there’s a ton of reasons this vaporizer is one of the best out there. Look: 4.8/5 Build Quality: 4.8/5 Ease of Use: 4.8/5 Effectiveness: 4.8/5 Overall Score: 4.8/5 If you want to try the SkyBlue Original Vape Pen for yourself use our  SkyBlue Vapor coupon code: SKYBLUE for 20% OFF your entire online order!