Slyng Product Review | Crafty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel


The Crafty vaporizer—a more portable version of their successful Mighty—continues the Storz & Bickel tradition of fostering the optimal vaping experience through the best of German engineering.

Storz & Bickel are not your average vape company. They’ve consistently set new industry standards since their inception 15 years ago. 

Company Info

Since its founding in Germany in 2002 by Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel, Storz & Bickel has seen a lot of success in the American market. They have their own American subsidiary (Storz & Bickel America, Inc.) in Oakland CA.

For the last 12 years or so, Storz & Bickel has pioneered in the field of electronically controlled, handheld, and medical vaporizer technologies. In 2016, Storz & Bickel set up “the first factory in the world for the manufacture of medical herbal vaporizers” in Tuttlingen, Germany.

Both in Germany and in the U.S., Storz & Bickel continues to innovate within a specialized arena of vaping technology, including LED displays, smartphone apps, and patented hot air convection heating. Whether you’re using the popular Volcano vaporizer or taking their latest portable device on the go, Storz & Bickel offers a singular experience of technological innovation.

The Crafty: Product Description & Review

The Crafty vaporizer comes in a simple, easy-to-open package that also reflects the product’s durability. The Crafty is about the size and weight of other portable vapes. Its predecessor, the Mighty, while also technically a portable vape, is much more robust than the industry standard portable size. In contrast, the Crafty is truly pocket-sized, with an industrial design that evokes the Storz & Bickel brand of high-quality engineering.

The Crafty Box Includes:

  • 1 CRAFTY Vaporizer
  • 1 Power Adapter with USB Cable
  • 1 Set of Spare Seal Rings
  • 3 Spare Screens (approx. Ø 15 mm)
  • 1 Liquid Pad (approx. Ø 15 x 5 mm)
  • 1 Filling Aid
  • 1 Herb Mill (approx. Ø 55 mm)
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Instructions Manual

Storz & Bickel’s instruction manuals are always a thorough, informative, and readable resources. The Crafty’s accessories are also top notch. The Crafty comes with a particularly high-quality plastic grinder.

In the past, I haven’t had great experiences with plastic grinders, but I found this one worked on par with my aluminum grinder. It’s yet another example of Storz & Bickel’s dedication to carefully crafting every product and accessory.

The Crafty has a very convenient design when it comes to filling the herb chamber. Taking off the top piece to access the chamber is a nice, smooth, and easy action. The grinder also comes with a neat and efficient filling tool that screws onto the top of the chamber. It’s not difficult to fill the chamber with herb if you don’t use the filling tool, but it's worth trying if you want a perfectly packed chamber.

The Crafty takes about 2 hours to charge and lasts for about 45 minutes. A longer battery life would have been much appreciated, but the fact that you can use the Crafty while it’s charging is a huge plus.

Similar to other Storz & Bickel vapes, the Crafty also has an aggressive auto shut-off timer that activates after only a minute. Fortunately, it also has a built-in mechanism that detects your draws so it doesn't go off during use. If all else fails, just press the power button once every minute or so and it should work to full capacity.

The most important aspect of the Crafty is it’s simple and efficient vape performance is very simple and efficient. The length of your draw determines pretty exactly the amount of vapor you’re going to get. The mouthpiece swings in and out of the top piece, which makes the Crafty even easier to use on the go, despite its industrial build.

The Crafty has two basic temperature settings—Normal and Boost mode. All you have to do for Boost is tap the power button twice after it’s on. Normal is the default mode at a temperature of 356 degrees, which is more than sufficient.

One of the crafty’s biggest advantages is that it really doesn’t create a harsh or hot vapor. It’s been incredibly smooth every time I’ve used it. I recommend using the liquid pad, which fits easily into the chamber, for smaller herb doses. The liquid pad should also be great for vaping concentrates.

Having previously used the Storz & Bickel’s Mighty vaporizer, I was initially disappointed to find that the Crafty was absent of its predecessors LED temperature display. Then I discovered the Crafty’s brilliant smartphone app, which allows you to modify default temperature settings and shows you the device’s precise temperature in real time. The app also allows you to control the brightness of the Crafty’s LED lights.

Take away

Every vaporizer has its own quirks. The Crafty is no different, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better portable vape on the market. It has a few features that take getting used to, but overall, it’s a beautiful precision instrument—brilliantly engineered by some of the finest minds in the industry.

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