Smoke Honest Capsule Water Pipe Review

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Smoke Honest Company Overview

Founded in 2018, Smoke Honest was created with a goal to make beautiful and durable pieces for the adventurers at heart. Honest products follow a classic and minimal design aesthetic, but are packed with useful features that you won't find anywhere else, each Honest product is one of a kind.

Today I will be reviewing the world famous Capsule Water Pipe. As an avid smoker and bong aficionado I was stoked to review this and didn't pass up a chance to try this baby out for myself.

Capsule Water Pipe

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When it comes to bongs, I'm normally used to getting huge boxes, packed with bubble wrap to protect the bong from any damage while shipping. With this, I got the complete opposite, with a tube and the components of the water pipe broken down.

It was something I wasn't used to but something I definitely enjoyed putting together. It came with a detachable mouthpiece you screw one, a thick borosilicate body, and a quartz bowl piece. The metal, percolated downstem was attached to the mouthpiece.

The package also included a nice, elegant, little ashtray that can double as a flower container. Once I built the water pipe, I quickly realized how aesthetically pleasing it looked, almost like a fancy vase or flowerpot.

I filled the pipe up with water and screwed in the top. I put the bowl piece on and packed it with flower.

I put the rest of the flower into the ash tray and got ready to take my first hit. What I really liked about the ash tray was the silicone bottom that prevented sliding, the bottom also doubles as the container top that keeps your flower fresh.

Like any bong, you light the bowlpiece and inhale from the top of the mouthpiece. The way Smoke Honest made the bong was that they made it perfectly comfortable for you to smoke out of without having to lean down or risk it falling or breaking.

I took my first hit and man was it something! I didn't even feel the harshness of the smoke and was able to take a big milky hit with no coughing at all. The amount of water and the percolated downstem made it easy for me to take the whole hit and I didn't risk hurting my lungs.

I took about 3 hits before I started feeling the effects and thanks to the bowlpiece I was able to enjoy a sesh without re-packing it often.

Its very rare to get such a smooth hit without all the fancy percs and accessories, this simple yet elegant water pipe did it all. I also really appreciate the craftsmanship of the piece, the thick glass and simplistic design is just so cool to look at.

I finished my session being really pleased with this bong. Afterwards I took it apart and was able to easily clean every part without much strain. Who knew such a simple little water pipe could be so special.

Smoke Honest Capsule Water Pipe Review - Conclusion

Smoke Honest has really done something with this capsule water pipe. Creating something that all smokers, new and old can use with little to no strain. It's a talking piece for sure and goes perfectly with any aesthetic.

It's a piece that's made to last a lifetime and it's made to accompany you on any journey or adventure you take. So take it with you on your next adventure and see what all the hype is about.

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