Noble Glass Gallery Soft Glass Flower Bong review


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Noble Glass Gallery Company Info

Noble Glass Gallery was founded by creative artists with a goal of ensuring their art will not only survive through the decades but thrive. Their laser focus on hand blown glass and dedication to the cannabis culture is evident in every piece they put out.

As Emrich Stovel, an owner/artist of Noble Glass Gallery, puts it:“At Noble Glass, we combine the art and mystique of the centuries old Venetian hand-blown style with modern production techniques.”

They don’t use blow molds, they emphasize the artist, and that’s a big deal in a world where the personal touch in our smoking products has been all but lost.

For this review, Noble Glass Gallery sent over an example of their soft glass flower bong. Needless to say, I was excited to put some flower in the flower bong.

Noble Glass Gallery Soft Glass Flower Bong Review

This Noble Glass Soft Glass Flower bong came secured properly in a big box with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. I got the white and sky blue color scheme and it really pops to me. A colorful decoration snakes its way down the tube and aids in grippage.

Many other colorways are available and even the same color ones are unique. That’s the magic of hand blown.

The Soft Glass Flower bong came with a perfectly sized downstem and a white bowl that has a leaf handle to match the flower theme. Add some water and you’re good to go. While filling, handling, taking pictures, and while smoking, I couldn’t help but remember that my very first bong was just about this size.

Soft Glass Flower Bong Specs

The Soft Glass Flower Bong is no longer in the earthly realm thanks to The Prohibition. Hell, that bong was never even technically a bong because of The Prohibition. I like that Noble Glass is clear that this flower bong is a flower bong.

Here’s a Gerard De Nerval quote about flowers for your musing:

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

Taking that metaphor one step further, every hit from Noble Glass’s flower bong is a noble infusion of the cannabis flower’s soul into the lungs of the flower bong’s owner. Lighters up as we use the flower bong to light more flowers.

If I had a time machine with unlimited uses, one of the things that I would do is take this Soft Glass Flower Bong back in time several centuries to Venice, Italy.

I’d take this very bong to the island of Murano and go to every glass blower offering them a hit of some primo fiore - not some high THC stuff that would ruin a first timer but something terpy. Then I’d hop back in the machine, come to the present time, and hopefully see a world where cannabis use has been normalized years before. 

Always nice to daydream while super ripped off the binger.


This is the first piece of Noble Glass that I’ve had the honor of hitting - at least to my knowledge. I really enjoy it as a work of art separately from a nice nostalgic piece. This is the kind of bong that you could really stick some flowers in and present as a vase if the occasion calls for it. Here’s what I have to say: If you are in a situation where your piece could be confiscated and destroyed or otherwise is at risk - buy something cheaper until you’re in a better situation.

Buy it for life. Make sure you have good bong etiquette and hygiene already so it doesn’t break or go to waste. This thing is simple and beautiful. Fin.

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