Speakeasy 710 Quality CBD and Expertise All in One


Speakeasy 710 CEO and founder Joshua Hartsel is a Ph.D. organic chemist and co-founder Mike Kelly a cannabis entrepreneur started the company in 2015.

Slyng had the privilege of interviewing CEO Josh Hartsel and this is what he had to say about the start of Speakeasy 710, “We started this company when the cannabis oil and vape cartridge scene was just starting to come online.

We were one of the first companies in Southern California to produce high-quality golden distillate oil and put it into vape cartridge.”

Speakeasy 710 isn’t just in the CBD industry they are revolutionizing the CBD industry and have strived to produce nothing but the best for their consumers.

As stated on their website, “Speakeasy has a principle to provide high-quality cannabis oil products through innovative scientific techniques and extraordinary service.”

What Does Golden Distillate Oil Mean?

Now for those of you that are new to the CBD industry or cannabis industry Hartsel elaborated on what exactly a "golden distillate product" is,

A distillate is distilled refined oil. How distillates work is you do an initial extraction, then that produces crude oil. You take that crude oil through a refinement process where you pull out the plant wax, fats, and lipids. You then do a distillation. What a distillate does is it purifies and separates the oils so that you get that really clear golden potent product.

Speakeasy 710’s Purpose

Speakeasy sets the standard for aroma flavor purity and potency with all of its CBD and is helping to educate and inform the public.

In a rapidly growing sector like the CBD industry, it is important for companies to inform their public but also expand their products and give choices to their consumers.

Hartsel said, “We offer a multitude of different solutions for our patients/customers, including vapes, topicals, and essentail oils like terpenes. Our primary focus is on health and wellness.”

The majority of the people needing and using cannabis oil is for its healing properties. Understanding that the information you give to the public must be true is never more important than when dealing with an industry that grants better lives for people and relief. Speakeasy understands the responsibility they have.

Hartsel addressed this concern, “There's a lot of questions and a lot of misinformation out there so we want to help push the industry forward but do it in a way that is compliant and safe.”

Speakeasy 710 Experience and Expertise

Regarding the experience and expertise of his co-founder, Hartsel stated, “Mike has been running dispensaries in Orange County since 2012. He was one of the people to actually get legal dispensaries on the voting ballot for Santa Ana, to allow for legal dispensaries.”

As far as his own experience in the cannabis industry Hartsel stated, “I have also been in the industry for many years, I’m an organic chemist. I started one of the first cannabis testing labs here in Southern California. Then was acquired by another bigger parent company called Cannavest, now named CV Sciences in San Diego. They acquired all my equipment and I became the director of Research and Development.”

Speakeasy 710 has also acquired its own recognition being featured and covered by cannabis news sources like Ganjly who gave them a 10/10 rating, Popsugar, Weedmaps, Leafly, Dope Magazine, OC Weekly, and have won several awards.

These features and many others are shown on their website www.speakeasy710.com, as the reason for this Hartsel said, “It's good for our customers to be informed, I think information is power so the more we can share with them the better.”

Speakeasy 710 Variety and Quality

Speakeasy 710 has an experienced team behind it which can be accredited to their success in being a high-quality cannabis oil company. Their focus on health and wellness has driven them to produce the purest golden cannabis oil for their customers.

Their website states, “Today, Speakeasy has evolved into one of the most esteemed cannabis oil producers in the world; not because our lead Ph.D. Scientist has won first place Cannabis Cups – 6 times, but because our product is produced with an end-to-end system that ensures puritypotency, and quality in every product we sell.”

Having high quality pure golden cannabis oil is not the only thing that has set Speakeasy 710 apart, but their strive to put their client's needs first has allowed them to grow the variety of products they provide for their customers.Hartsel elaborated,

One thing that definitely makes us unique is our product portfolio. All our products are the highest quality and we offer a variety of unique applications. Like our full spectrum products which included our CBD softgels that have a full cannabinoid profile meaning they have CBD, CBG, CBN and a variety of other cannabinoids. Along with having massive health benefits, so the people who use these products really do feel like they are getting the therapeutic effect. Our softgels have actually won readers choice awards from people voting through OC Weekly.

Continuing on with some of their other products Hartsel said, “We also offer isolate products which only have CBD. We use a CBD isolate to produce those. Those are most common for people who are A. just starting and are maybe a little bit shy of any psychoactive effect or B. they get drug tested so maybe they are an athlete or are tested through their work. They wouldn't be detected or flagged for anything like that.”

Knowing their customers and understanding the situations some of them face is a great contributor to their success. Building products that meet and exceed the needs of their consumers are exactly why a company like Speakeasy 710 has grown within the cannabis oil industry.

Although they have been in the industry for some time now Speakeasy 710 has maintained the quality their customers expect.

“The CBD industry has obviously gone through a lot of changes and has advanced quite a bit but we still get great feedback from our customers on the product lines.”     

As for the future of Speakeasy 710, later this year Speakeasy 710 products will be supplied by a newly licensed manufacturing facility and will be releasing a multitude of new products such as beverages, topicals, inhalables, and ingestibles.   

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