Stinger Detox Interview | The Original Detox for All


Stinger Detox Interview | The Original Detox for All

Living a clean and healthy life is something we all strive for. That is why doing a detox every now and then can really rejuvenate your body to a whole other level. No matter what toxins you are trying to get rid of, detox drinks are perfect for removing them. If you are going to use a detox, you need one you can trust and one that you know will work.

Who is Stinger Detox?

Stinger Detox is one of the most well-known detox companies out there. They have been helping people live healthier lives since 1993 with their amazing line of detox products. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona but can be found in thousands of stores all across the United States as well as on their website. Stinger Detox said, “We just wanted to help people detox themselves of toxins and just live a cleaner and healthier life.” They have been around for 26 years and have stood the test of time. This is due to their high-quality detox formula that will easily rid you of toxins as well as their amazing customer service. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with a representative of Stinger Detox to talk about how they have lasted in the detox industry for over 20 years and what makes them special.

What Makes Stinger Detox Special

Becoming cleansed and healthy is a major priority for people these days, meaning there are a lot of companies jumping on the detox bandwagon. Offering products that have fast acting detox ingredients, taste great and go down easily is exactly what Stinger Detox provides their customer base. Stinger Detox said, “The number one thing that we’ve learned over the years is our reputation as a working detox, people like that you don’t have to drink a lot of liquid, it's only an 8-ounce bottle. A lot of our competitors have 32 ounces, 64 ounces or even bigger. It's quite a lot of liquid to drink in order to detox whereas our bottles are small but work very well, and people know the name and our branding. A lot of our business is word of mouth. We have a really good reputation in the industry.”
If you’ve ever done a detox, you know it's quite the process due to the amount of liquid you have to drink. An 8-ounce detox is easy and it is powerful enough to get the job done. Stinger Detox offers many different products that are tailored to your specific needs.
Whether you need a simple cleanse or one that is fast acting Stinger Detox has you covered. They offer options based off of what toxins you have in your system as well as your specific body type. They also offer multiple flavors that are delicious such as watermelon, grape, strawberry, lime, blue raspberry and more. They explained, “We not only have different flavors but we have products for different types of people. If you are someone who is exposed to a lot of toxins, then we have a concentrated version which is one of our best sellers- The Buzz 5x. There is a 5X on it for a reason, it is the 5 times concentrated version of our regular detox products. The Buzz is for heavier people that are over 230 pounds and have more toxins in their system. We definitely cater to all situations and body types. Toxins accumulate everywhere on your body so we try to cover all the bases.”

Stinger Detox Knows What Works

Stinger Detox is able to create products that work for everyone because they have been in business for so long and listen to their customer's needs. Stinger Detox said, “Throughout the years we have learned what works for people and what doesn’t and if it’s something that was not working for us we immediately would move in a different direction. And I think for the last 20 years or so we’ve had working products that people like and they trust us at this point so we try not to change anything up too much.” Customer loyalty is a major component of how Stinger Detox operates. I know from personal experience, if I love a product, I will never use another brand. “People know what they like. Basically, if they take something like Stinger Detox and they follow the directions and it works for them, they are going to only buy Stinger. People are very loyal to the brand that works for them. In this industry, if something doesn’t work, you're probably not going to last very long. So the fact that we have been out there for 25 years is a testament to our ability to do things correctly”, Stinger Detox said. It is mind-blowing that a personal cleanse company has been thriving for over 25 years. It really all comes down to having a product that simply works. On their website, you will find countless 4 or 5-star reviews all essentially saying the same thing- that this company knows what they are doing.
Almost everyone says that they will be a repeat customer or have been for years and Stinger Detox says that loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed. They said, “That’s something we notice being in this industry, is how loyal people really are. It's great to see that and it's cool that people get behind our product and support it so much. I have people at conventions we attend come up to us so excitedly and say ‘thank you so much, this helped me so much I really appreciate it’ they are just so happy about it. I love hearing stories like that.”

Stinger Detox Providing Great Products to Customers

One of Stinger Detox’s most loved products is the Stinger Buzz 5X Extra Strength Liquid. Everyone agrees in the reviews that it works wonders and deeply cleanses your system from toxins fast. This particular detox only comes in the grape flavor, and while people really enjoy the taste, Stinger Detox says they are working on something that they hope everyone will appreciate. They explained, “Obviously we stick to what we know works so we haven’t changed a whole lot in terms of the products themselves, customers will notice our packaging has been updated as of about two years ago. And a lot of people know The Buzz 5x grape flavor, as our most popular product. They go into stores and ask for it specifically. But we are actually working on a new flavor for the Buzz, so that would be a pretty big deal since the only flavor that’s been available for over 20 years has been grape. We have a new flavor that’s going to be revealed soon as well as some new products in the works.”
It's exciting that they are expanding flavors on such a beloved product and want to give the people what they want. Having a detox business that stays relevant has its challenges, especially when you want people to know that you have safe to consume ingredients that are lab tested and created in an FDA regulated facility. Having the knowledge that you are safe and can trust the brand you are using to cleanse yourself is highly important and something Stinger Detox wants their customers to walk away with. They explained, “I hope they [our customers] walk away knowing that they have a brand that is trusted. They have a brand that tests every ingredient so the quality is there. And we just want them to feel confident when they buy our products. That’s the number one thing when selling a detox you want to make sure the customer has the confidence to take your product and have it work for them.” If you are interested in trying out some of the best detox products on the market from Stinger Detox, use the code “STINGER15” to save 15% at checkout!