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About Stinger Detox

Stinger Detox is a company based in Phoenix, Arizona, that has been helping people lead healthier lives for almost three decades. Stinger provides a wide range of detox products and has been doing so since 1993. Their products help your body naturally and cleanse as opposed to hiding or masking toxins. Stinger Detox’s detox products do a quick cleanse to undetectable levels within 60-90 minutes. What sets Stinger apart from other detox companies is a superior detox in a simple, stomach-able form. Stinger DetoxYou’ve definitely seen Stinger’s products on store shelves or stocked in online stores and that’s because they are such a household name in this industry. Slyng had a chance to speak with Stinger in an interview, where they explained their philosophy and why their brand is so trusted: “Throughout the years we have learned what works for people and what doesn’t and if it’s something that was not working for us we immediately would move in a different direction. And I think for the last 20 years or so we’ve had working products that people like and they trust us at this point so we try not to change anything up too much.” I’ve previously had the chance to review the Buzz 5X Extra Strength Liquid and Instant Detox 5X Extra Strength Liquid. This time around, I’ll be trying out the Stinger Detox pre-detox capsules: The SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator.

More on the SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator

The Stinger Detox SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator comes in a cardboard rectangle that holds a blister pack with the two SuperMAXX dietary supplement capsules. The cardboard rectangle is yellow and has a honeycomb design. The front has the name of the product while the back carries supplement facts as well as suggested use instructions. Stinger DetoxMake sure to follow the suggested use instructions to the letter to ensure that your detox process is as effective as possible. Although Stinger Detox carries amazing flavors for their detox drinks their capsules are obviously unflavored because they aren’t supposed to spend much time in your mouth. The capsule casings have no taste, I was able to swallow both capsules easily with one gulp of water. The SuperMAXX blend is trademarked by Stinger Detox and each capsule contains 550mg of the blend. Altogether, the Detox Accelerator only works if you take both capsules at once, so don’t try to halve them for two detoxes. Follow the directions to the letter for the duration of your detox, and all will be well.

SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator Review

Since I slept immediately the night I took the capsules, I woke up roughly eight hours later and had four hours to go until my designated detox time. The usage recommendation is very adamant that you take these twelve hours before starting your detox. I ate some breakfast and went into my detox process exactly twelve hours after downing the capsules, exactly how you’re supposed to do it. Stinger Detox As mentioned, as long as you follow the directions, things will go well for your detox as it did for mine. Just because you took the SuperMAXX, doesn't mean you can slack off on attention to detail when you take the Stinger Detox product 12 hours after the SuperMAXX. I drank all the water I was supposed to, and that's honestly just a healthy practice and the best way to increase success with a quick detox. What I like most about these capsules is that they're perfect for helping you feel confident that your detox is going to work - especially during the preparation period when you need to make sure that no toxins are entering your body. I'd definitely recommend timing that period with sleep and augmenting your chances with these Detox Accelerator capsules. Stinger Detox The first time I did a detox, the anxiety and question marks in my head weren't fun and though that anxiety does subside after a successful detox, it's still always in the back of your head. This time around, I didn't have any such qualms and that made the entire, unmedicated detox process that much easier to bear. For the price and ease of use of the SuperMAXX capsules, I'd without a doubt recommend using them every single time you need to use Stinger Detox products for both quick and long detoxes. As they say, better safe than sorry and definitely better confident than anxious. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5 Stinger Detox products are a quick and reliable way to cleanse but only if you follow the recommended usage instructions exactly. The great thing about these SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator capsules is that you don’t need to drink certain amounts of water or urinate a designated amount of time before or while using them for them to be effective. To be safe, don’t introduce new toxins during your pre-detox process, either - that includes dairy products. Whatever you can do to aid the cleanse, you should do - that includes taking these pre-detox capsules. For the price, they’re a worthy addition to make sure you get cleansed right. If you are interested in trying out these pre-detox SuperMAXX detox accelerators from Stinger Detox, use the code “Stinger15” to save 15% at checkout!