Stonerware Hype Beast Piece Review

hype beast

Company Overview

Based in Los Angeles, California, Stonerware has created a brand that provides the best quality smoking pieces for everyday use. Perfecting the water pipe with innovation, quality materials, and rigorous product testing, you can rest assured you're smoking nothing but the best with these high-quality smoking pipes. These are no ordinary bongs, they are the future, and Stonerware is leading the way.

Today I will be reviewing their piece, Hype Beast. As someone who appreciates quality craftsmanship, I was eager to try this piece out and see all the hype.

Hype Beast Piece

Hype beast

Most water pipes are meant only for smoking flower and are simpler versions of bongs. This piece stands out for several reasons, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this piece to discover the differences and why they are so great.

The water pipe came in a small box with the company logo. The sleek black box comfortably holds the piece, the detachable silicone mouthpiece, and a martini glass bowl piece. It has everything I need to smoke, and building it took about a minute.

The water pipe is made with silicone and high-quality borosilicate glass, crystal clear so you can see the water bubbling as you inhale the smoke. The long mouthpiece allows for easy access, and the water pipe size is also convenient, being about the size of a water bottle.

To fill it with water, I simply poured it into the downstem until I had enough water to filter the smoke. I then ground my weed, put a good amount on top of the bowl piece, and I was ready to go. I sparked up and took my first hit, and I was blown away by the piece!

The hits were smooth, and I barely felt the harshness of the smoke, the hype behind this Hype Beast is real. I couldn't believe this little piece had so much power. It took me a couple of bowls to feel good, and afterward, cleaning it was just as easy as putting it together.

To pour the water out, remove the bottom piece and let it fall. This also makes it very convenient to clean out and get all the gunk from inside the Hype Beast. Storing it is also convenient since it's easy to take apart and put back together. The silicone makes it super durable, so this piece will most likely last you a lifetime.

I loved this piece so much that I decided to try it with dabs, so I purchased the banger that would allow me to dab with the Hype Beast. The process is the same except using a banger instead of a bowl piece and a torch instead of a lighter. I decided to try it with dabs to see how it would hold up, and I was not disappointed.

my first hit was milky and smooth; it felt like I was smoking out of an expensive dab rig, but it was just the Hype Beast. I wasn't surprised that it worked just as well as it did with flower but I was surprised at the quality of it. Not once did the silicone melt or anything happened with the extreme heat; it was terrific.

Stonerware Hype Beast Piece Review - Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fantastic smoking device that will work with both flower and concentrates, look no further than the stonerware hype beast. I honestly can’t believe how well this thing works – it has quickly become my favorite smoking tool.

And the best part? You can get your own from stonerware today. So what are you waiting for? Order your Hype Beast now and start enjoying a smoke like never before.