Stori Smart Storage for Cannabis Products | Review

stori smart weed storage

About Stori

Based in Toronto, Canada, Stori is a company that truly represents the new age of cannabis products, particularly now that legalization has taken hold across the entire Great White North.

When regulations allow innovation in a particular country, the whole world benefits.

Stori’s new smart storage container is available worldwide. It represents a new philosophy for how cannabis products should be stored now that the taboo is fading away. Gone are the days of hiding your cannabis in the back of your closet in little ziploc bags.

We finally live in an era where we can put our lifestyle front and center with child-safe hardware.

Another reason why the Stori—which was even featured on Product Hunt—has taken the growing cannabis storage industry by storm is the app. This companion app connects with their smart cannabis storage container for easy tracking.

I was lucky enough to receive one of the first Stori Smart Storage units for review so I could share the latest and greatest with the world.

Stori Smart Cannabis Storage Review

stori cannabis storage container

The Stori Smart Storage unit comes in a well-branded box that, when opened, reveals a sleek white storage box. It has two childsafe lock tabs on the side and measures about 13” x 6” x 4.25”.

Thanks to its inconspicuous appearance, the Stori can be even be displayed on a shelf somewhere in your home—just like people do with fancy alcohol.

First Impressions of the Stori Smart Storage

Opening the Stori reveals a set of six tubes, with an integrated holder for joints and a set of six pods. These pods have an integrated Boveda humidity pack holder and can be used for everything from flower to concentrate, and even edibles.

The storage box also comes with two sets of rolling papers and a white marker to label your containers.

inside of stori cannabis storage box

Stori uses food-safe aluminum for all of its containers. This is a major improvement over even the best short-term storage options that I’ve come across.

Glass and plastic jars let UV light in, even if most of the glass is covered with a sticker. Food-safe aluminum containers, meanwhile, are able to block all light and won’t leach chemicals.

Another great benefit of aluminum containers is that they are stronger and more lightweight. Drop them from whatever height you like—they won’t crack or break like glass or plastic.

The case itself is very sturdy. And just a note on the childsafe locks—they require adult effort to open, and it took me a few minutes to find the right push. But once I had it, I didn't have any difficulty opening the box.

I really like the colors that were chosen for the color-coded containers, too. There’s a clear distinction between the darker containers (purple, blue, and green) versus the lighter ones (orange, yellow, and pink).

I put my THC heavy flower into the darker containers and my CBD heavy flower into the lighter ones. It’d also be intuitive to split indica and sativas up in this way!

Stori's Cannabis Storage Tracking App

Another cool feature of the Stori ecosystem is that you can log all of your cannabis purchases in the app.

The Stori app is currently available as a web app, so you can access it from any basic internet browser. I find this much more useful than a mobile app that could end up not working on older devices. I think this choice is commendable and shows that Stori is dead-serious in offering their product to the entire world.

You’ll be able to use the app to search for the exact products that you have. You can then log every product that you stored your smart cannabis storage container.

It’s always tough to remember when you bought something. This is why the Stori app is so useful—it allows you to keep track of the freshness of your cannabis products. The tracker shows which of your products should probably be consumed before tapping into the new pickup.

You can also leave product reviews and other notes.

I was able to search for and log certain brands and products that I had gotten from my local dispensary when I put them into my Stori smart storage container.

The Verdict

Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 4.9/5
Overall score: 4.95/5

I had some infused mini joints that are happier now that they’ve moved from their boring plastic tubes to their new space-age aluminum abodes.

It’s products like the Stori Smart Storage that will move the zeitgeist when it comes to cannabis stigma and change the hive mind’s opinion of cannabis.

If you’re looking for the perfect 21st-century upgrade to your cannabis routine, this is it. The best way I can describe this cannabis storage container (and its companion app) is this—using the Stori will make you feel like you just got permission to smoke up in an Apple Store.

Check it out today.

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