SuperPlug Delta 8 Distillate Cartridge Review

SuperPlug Delta 8 Distillate Cartridge Review

SuperPlug is an American hemp company that believes in the power of broad spectrum hemp derived cannabis products featuring Delta 8 THC. Check out this SuperPlug Delta 8 Distillate Cartridge Review on two flavors to see if they’re the right carts for you.

SuperPlug Company Info

SuperPlug is an Oregon based hemp company that features a wide variety of hemp derived products that are crafted from high quality Oregon Hemp. They rigorously test all of their products and have taken the time to make sure that their marketing materials are FDA compliant. This ensures products are efficacious and thus desirable to end users. Their vapes, for instance, only use cannabis derived terpenes for flavoring which aids in the entourage effect.

SuperPlug’s products are tested by ACS Laboratory in Florida. Unlike some other hemp companies that only reveal their cannabinoid test results, SuperPlug also does contaminant tests and Terpene tests and lets its users see all of the data.

For this review, SuperPlug sent over their Delta8 Distillate vape cartridges in their two flavors: Apple Mac and OG Bubba. I always get excited to try this company’s cannabis-derived terpene.

SuperPlug Distillate Cartridge Review

SuperPlug’s D8 Distillate Cartridge comes in a black cardboard box with a child safety lock. I like this lock due to the safety feature but mostly because a slightly high adult can still operate it. The OG Bubba comes in a greenish grey color scheme while the Apple Mac comes in a pinkish brown color scheme.

I tried the OG Bubba first. The first hit was so tasty that I had to double check that I was hitting the right pen and hadn’t accidentally grabbed a more traditional product instead. The taste was distinctly cannabis-y and while admiring the taste, I felt the immediate onset. The high is a ramp up that doesn’t plateau where you think it will from just one hit. To me, that’s a sign that the added terpenes are doing their thing and steering my high away from the standard distillate smack attack.

The terpene profile that’s been added to OG Bubba is trans-Caryophyllene dominant followed by Myrcene and Humulene, which explains the peppery gas. It’s important to note that trans-Caryophyllene is an oxidized form of beta-Caryophyllene that offers similar smells but does not interact with the endocannabinoid system and aids in the entourage effect. The full OG Bubba test results can be viewed here.

The Apple Mac was a similar delight for the senses. It had a strong apple smell with a bit of floral in the exhale. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this sour, but it’s light on the tongue in that direction. Compared with the OG Bubba, I felt this high was a little more energetic. Altogether, it was a different but equally enjoyable high. Don’t make me choose which one I like better!

The terpene profile that’s been added to the Apple Mac is heavily Myrcene dominant and trans-Caryophyllene secondary. That explains the fruity apple tones taking me for a loop. The full Apple Mac test results can be viewed here.

SuperPlug Delta 8 Distillate Cartridge Review
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SuperPlug isn’t just your normal plug that doesn’t know exactly what they’re selling. SuperPlug is like the superman of plugs. Their distillate cartridges use real cannabis derived terpenes - which says a lot. To take it in another direction, SuperPlug is the kind of plug you don’t need an adapter for. Their products are properly labeled and consistent, and cartridges are just a part of their offering. I’m looking forward to other products by SuperPlug.

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