Tanasi Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture & Salve | Review

tanasi full spectrum cbd products

Tanasi is a Tennessee-based company with a patent-pending hemp extraction method. Check out our review on Tanasi’s full-spectrum CBD salve and oil tincture to see just how efficacious their extractions are.

About Tanasi 

Tanasi is a CBD company that is based in Tennessee. Fun fact: The company is actually named after the small village from which the state of Tennessee gets its name. 

What differentiates Tanasi from the competition? Its full-spectrum hemp extract is made using a patent-pending proprietary extraction process that was developed at Middle Tennessee State University for millions of dollars.

Tanasi has a wide range of CBD products in differing strengths, including classics such as topical salves and orally administered oil tinctures. It also carries water-soluble drink mixes and hemp capsules.

For this review, Tanasi sent over its full-spectrum hemp salve and hemp oil tincture. I was excited to try both of them out.

Tanasi GOLD Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil Tincture Review

tanasi full spectrum cbd oil tincture

The Tanasi GOLD Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil Tincture comes in a tastefully designed gold box with green and white lettering. Inside the box is a standard glass vial with the ever-present dropper top that has become standard in the CBD oil tincture market. 

Tanasi’s vial has UV protection and contains a whopping 1200mg of CBD.

First Impressions of the GOLD Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil Tincture

I took one full dropper to ingest a total of 40mg of Tanasi’s GOLD formula, which contains full-spectrum CBD and CBDa. Besides the MCT oil, there’s also sunflower oil in the actual base of the oil tincture. 

Tastewise, I’m a big fan of sunflower oil. It’s a familiar tasting raw oil⁠—almost like sunflower seeds. That’s the taste I got, and I applaud Tanasi’s natural flavor.

Sometimes, all I remember from a tincture is the flavoring (read: added terpenes). These added terpenes often steer the effects, too! 

The Verdict

Tanasi’s tincture worked well for me. I felt relaxed, and my body loosened up soon after the delicious taste of the oil was out of my mouth. I also felt clear-headed⁠—as expected.

Tanasi also offers stronger formulations that deliver 50mg/ml or 80mg/ml. It’s a true sign of a dedicated CBD company when their CBD strengths for one dropper go so high. 

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5

Tanasi Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Salve Review

tanasi full spectrum cbd salve

The Tanasi Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Salve comes in a golden yellow box with the same white lettering and green details. Inside the box is the glass jar of salve, which is much smaller than you’d think. It also comes with an instruction booklet. 

All in all, this salve contains 150mg of CBD and CBDa provided by Tanasi’s proprietary hemp extraction process. The salve portion is made up of almond oil and beeswax.

First Impressions of the Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Salve 

The salve itself isn’t overly odorous, which I deeply appreciate. It has a great consistency that melts as soon as it comes into contact with body heat. 

I applied the salve to my sore shoulder and the small of my back. The instructions remind you to wait three whole minutes before wiping your hands to ensure that you don’t end up wasting any of the precious cannabinoids⁠—so I did just that. My hands weren’t that oily after, so to be honest, I didn’t end up wiping off the salve. I just distributed it all over the many joints in my fingers. 

The Verdict

The relief that I felt was real, and very fast-acting, as far as topicals go. The parts of my body where I applied the CBD salve felt less pain, soreness, tightness⁠—whatever you want to call it. 

This salve has the good stuff.

Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 4.8/5
Overall score: 4.9/5

Tanasi’s hemp extract CBD offerings are powerful and effective. Whether you’re looking for an oil tincture or you require a topical for pain relief, Tanasi has some great products for you. 

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