TENDC D8 THC Tincture and Syrup Review


10 Dollar Cartridge aka TENDC has Delta 8 THC products for a great price with a wide selection including D8 THC Tinctures and Syrups. Check out this TENDC D8 THC Tincture and Syrup review to see if these are the D8 ingestibles you’ve been looking for.

10 Dollar Cartridge (TENDC) Company Info

10 Dollar Cartridge, also known as TENDC, is a well-known hemp company with a long-standing mission: provide the highest quality products and prices in the budding delta 8 THC industry.

To achieve this in all of their D8 products, TENDC only uses the highest quality of hemp they have ever found which is grown in Rogue Valley, Oregon. As is industry standard, TENDC publishes its third-party lab results for everyone to see online.

While the name of the company may suggest that they only have D8 cartridges, that is not the case. TENDC tincture and TENDC syrup have hit the market and TENDC is eager to show users that their powerful D8 can be ingested in multiple ways.

I’ve previously been able to try several of TENDC’s vape carts. For this review, TENDC sent over their D8 Tincture and their D8 Syrup for me to try.

Photo of TENDC Tincture bottle
TENDC Tincture

TENDC D8 THC Tincture Review

TENDC’s Delta 8 THC Tincture (unflavored) comes in a standard glass vial with a dropper top. All in all, TENDC puts 1500mg of their D8 THC hemp extract in the tincture and uses MCT oil as the carrier. The instructions say to start with half a dropper (25mg of D8 THC) and increase as needed.

I could wax philosophical on why I prefer unflavored tinctures until the sun goes down. Suffice to say, TENDC’s tincture doesn’t taste bad and is ready to be added to whatever you’re eating to give you that little pick-me-up. Seriously, put it directly in your food or directly in your mouth before you eat. So many possibilities.

The high that comes from D8 tinctures hits fast compared with other ingestibles and there’s something almost magical about getting that edible high without having to wait hours. It’s easy to take the tincture whenever you want and simply wait for the wondrous results.

Picture of TENDC Syrup bottles

TENDC D8 THC Syrup Review

TENDC’s Delta 8 Syrup comes in a little black container with a white cap. Give it a shake and you can hear the syrup within sloshing around.

The TENDC syrup comes in high potency (350mg) and regular potency (150mg). For the high potency, the two flavors are as presented: Sour Watermelon and Pink Lemonade. They also have a Tiger’s Blood flavor for regular strength.

I’m not one of those people that feels obligated to drink sizzurp a certain way. No styrofoam cups and no jolly ranchers here. There will be no grills rotting off here.

For science, I went ahead and took a half tablespoon of the Pink Lemonade syrup with my morning lime sparkling water. It gave me a wonderful and solid single dose for the rest of the day. The flavor of the resultant drink was sweet, not grassy, and I ended up feeling like I was slinking around like the Pink Panther.

For the Sour Watermelon flavor, I went for a full tablespoon with the intention of going to outer space with my zour face on. The sour watermelon was surprisingly sour and refreshing. It also paired well with my lime sparkling water. 

Delta 8 THC Syrup is a relatively new thing on the market, though this isn’t my first time trying it. This D8 syrup represents an opportunity for syrup users to lower the cost of their habit. It allows them to trade in an empirically dangerous pastime for one that is similar enough but not dangerous.

Ten Dollar Cartridge’s D8 syrup is a good option because it comes in a small form factor. Each tablespoon of this high potency, clean, D8 syrup contains 60mg of D8 THC.

I’ve seen D8 edibles give around 30mg in a standard serving so this is 2x strength by that unscientific measure. I like TENDC’s entrant to this market precisely because the sugar to THC ratio is reasonable. I’m trying to get high, not diabetus.

TENDC D8 THC Tincture and Syrup Review Results

TENDC has more than just cartridges to offer D8 users. Their D8 Syrup and D8 Tincture are just as flavorful and efficacious as their cartridges so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

If you’re like me and have trouble deciding what D8 products to get when there’s such a wide variety available, check out their Show Box which has a little bit of something for everybody.

What are you waiting for? Use code “TENDC15” for an amazing 15% OFF your entire order from 10 Dollar Cartridge!