TENDC Showcase Box Review


10 Dollar Cartridge Company Info

10 Dollar Cartridge or “TENDC“ is a hemp company that is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing the highest quality vape cartridges for the best price on the market. To do this, they start with the highest quality hemp grown in Rogue Valley, Oregon and process it down to a product that can be sold at a reasonable price.

TENDC’s hardware is by iKrusher Tux which features a consistent hit with their ceramic core no matter the initial flavor of the cartridge. I like that TENDC uses botanically derived terpenes and even has some carts using cannabis derived terpenes (CDT). TENDC currently has over a dozen flavors so if nothing mentioned in this review tickles your fancy, maybe some of their other classics will. View their third party lab results online.

For this review TENDC sent over their showcase box which features 

TENDC Showcase Box Review

TENDC showcase box

TENDC’s Showcase Box shows up in an unassuming black box. Once you open the first flap, you’ll see TENDC’s logo.There’s two types of padding to protect the goodies inside.

I do want to note that this is February’s box. This month’s box featured 4x TENDC 1ML broad spectrum hemp distillate vape cartridges. Jack Herer, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies and Cream (CDT), and Love Potion #9 (CDT). Half of the carts feature botanical derived terpenes and half feature cannabid derived terpenes - a perfect 50/50 sampler of TENDC’s cart options.

The more I try 10DC’s carts, the more I prefer the CDT flavors. The high is a little nuanced and the taste is much more familiar. Cookies and Cream was the smoothest - or was it creamiest? Love Potion #9 was great for before bedtime while Jack Herer was the morning terror I needed to get out of the same bed. Strawberry Shortcake was used exclusively for after dinner dessert - a sugary pick me up if you will. 

When you get a whole showcase box at a time, you’re able to bask in the moment of plenty and really narrow down on your consumption preferences and practices. The ritual is half the set and setting and all of the intent - and that is what will fuel your high.

The showcase box also came with 7g of D8 THC distillate called a honey bucket, and a Tiger’s Blood D8 THC syrup. I don’t know what real tiger’s blood tastes like, but the sizzurp tasted more like the Kool Aid man’s blood. It made a great mixed drink - too bad I didn’t have any styrofoam cups left.

That honey bucket can keep a dabber busy for awhile, I was missing a rig so I ended up dipping joints in it. Not the most efficient but boy was it effective.

The last item in the box is a featured Delta 8 soft gels from SuperPlug. This was quite the showcase of both TENDC’s products and also a selected partner. I’d tried SuperPlug before so it was nice to see their other product. These soft gels were easy to swallow and had 25mg of D8 per. That’s enough to put me on my posterior regularly and it hit exactly as expected.

Each month’s box is different and that’s part of the fun. Find out what TENDC is showcasing this month or next month by ordering or pre-ordering a box. 


TENDC’s showcase box is a great package for the serious vaper. If you know what you’re getting into, this is a great deal to take advantage of. If you’re not about the whole box, 10 Dollar Cartridges are also available in multiple sizes, strain profiles, and like I said I recommend the CDT ones. Try them today.

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