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 Why Seeds Here Now is the Best Cannabis Seeds Seller?

Do you love cannabis? Are you interested in growing cannabis for your personal use? If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, you can buy quality cannabis seeds from an authentic seed seller and begin growing your own product. The best growing season, depending on where you live, is generally March-November, which means you still have time to get in on this year’s crop. It’s safe and beneficial to look for seed sellers online because you can find a wide variety of products and seeds are shipped discreetly if you live in a state where cannabis is legal. However, before you buy seeds from just any company, it’s important to learn how to identify an authentic seed seller and choose the one with the best quality cannabis seeds. Here’s what to look for.


As the marijuana culture continues to become more popular and legality spreads, a number of scams have popped up to take advantage of consumers. That’s why it’s vital that you look at the reputation of a seed company to verify they are an authentic seed seller before you buy. Look at the company’s website and determine which breeders they use for their seeds. 
You can also lookup online reviews of the seller and reach out to their customer service team. Many seed sellers are from other countries where marijuana laws are much more lenient. However, there are some sellers in the United States such as Seeds Here Now that offer quality cannabis seeds and are familiar with the selling, shipping, and growing laws of each state.


If you’re committed to growing your own marijuana, you want to make sure you have the best quality cannabis seeds on the market. Buying your seeds from an authentic seed seller who focuses on innovation is key to producing the best product. Seeds Here Now, which is based in Oregon, has done the research and spent the time to gather the best possible cannabis genetics available. They carefully choose which breeders to work with and only offer seeds that meet their extremely high standards.


As a discerning grower, you want to have a wide selection of quality cannabis seeds to choose from. This allows you to try new strains and find which work best for your unique needs. While some seed sellers will offer a few hundred different types of strains, Seeds Here Now has over 1250 strains in their catalog with the goal of increasing that number to 3000.
They work with the original breeders to obtain this huge variety of seeds, making them an authentic seed seller that can boast both quantity and quality.


When it comes to buying marijuana seeds, you want to know that you’re purchasing from a company that knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately, there are a number of novice growers as well as scam companies selling seeds online. When you buy from them, you risk getting seeds that don’t match your needs or that won’t even grow into marijuana plants. Authentic seed sellers like Seeds Here Now got into the business for a reason – they have a passion for growing marijuana and helping others grow their own cannabis. They have years of experience working with licensed growers and breeders and know exactly the type of high-quality seeds they are getting and offering to the consumer.

Customer Service

What if you end up buying the wrong seeds or if you have questions about the high-quality seeds you’ve purchased? If you’ve ordered from a company outside the United States or from an amateur or scam company, it’s unlikely you’ll get any support from them. When you buy from an authentic seed seller based in the states like Seeds Here Now, you not only get high-quality seeds – you also get the backing of their experienced, professional team of customer service reps. Seeds Here Now employs a full team of customer service agents who provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They make a point to answer all emails received during business hours and will fix any issue their customers experience with the seeds they buy from them. They also have the fastest shipping in the industry with most domestic customers receiving their seeds within two days of ordering. Growing marijuana is a labor of love and the best way to guarantee your endeavor will be successful is to buy quality cannabis seeds from an authentic seed seller like Seeds Here Now. With their years of experience, a top-notch reputation, huge variety, and commitment to customer service, Seeds Here Now is one of the most trusted online seed sellers in the industry. When you’re ready to take the next step and grow your own product, look to Seeds Here Now for the supplies and support you need. Use our Seeds Here Now coupon code: SHN15 for 15% OFF your first order!