TOMBSTONE Vaporizer Reviews


TOMBSTONE Vaporizer Reviews

Hamilton Devices sent over their newest item, the Hamilton Devices TOMBSTONE for review.

Who is Hamilton Devices?

Hamilton Devices is an internationally recognized leader in the vaporizer industry. Based in Sacramento, California, Hamilton Devices has been operating since 2018 as an authentic CCELL hardware distributor. That means you can get everything from 510 threaded vaporizer batteries to 510 threaded cartridges to disposable cartridges and even packaging. Over the years, Hamilton Devices has expanded its line of products to include new vaporizer battery designs that are taking the cartridge vaping world by storm.

Hamilton Devices TOMBSTONE Vaporizer

The Hamilton Devices TOMBSTONE vaporizer battery for dual cartridge use comes in a sleek black box with red and white printing on it. The front side features the Hamilton Devices shark logo as well as an x-ray vision look at the TOMBSTONE in red. On the side of the box, you’ll find the list of included items to expect when you open the box: The TOMBSTONE, its micro USB charging cable, and a warranty card. The TOMBSTONE is currently available in Matte Black and draws from both installed cartridges at 3.2v – 4.2v via inhalation activation. The vaporizer is very sleek and measures in at 45mm x 18.2mm x 81mm. That makes the TOMBSTONE a little larger than a lighter and it’s designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The Hamilton Devices TOMBSTONE vaporizer comes with 650mah of battery life and fits two 510 threaded cartridges. Hamilton Devices highly recommends only using CCELL 510 threaded cartridges in the TOMBSTONE but notes that none-CCELL 510 threaded cartridges will work. Hamilton Devices also includes an adapter for single cartridge use if the user is so inclined.

Our Hamilton Devices TOMBSTONE Review

The first thing I noticed about the TOMBSTONE was just how ergonomic the design was. I could hold the entire device in the palm of my hand and nobody would know that I was hitting a vape cart, let alone two. I opened the cover and screwed in two cartridges which I had filled with vape juice, then I put the cover back on. When I took the first hit, I didn’t really know what to expect except roughly 2x the amount of vapor. After my first hit, I exhaled a much larger cloud than I was accustomed to.
The taste was sublime - the perfect 50/50 combination of the two flavors that I had used. Even though I have hit two vape pens at the same time before to combine flavors, all those previous experiences were with inconsistent battery types with inconsistent voltage and connections. In stark contrast, the TOMBSTONE vaporized each cartridge evenly, which gave me exactly the strong, mind-blowing hit that I was looking for. Hamilton Devices put a 10 second maximum draw time on this device, which is considerate considering you’re pulling hard from two cartridges at once. I was able to get in a solid double hit so those that need a little extra kick will be able to get it. While I was coughing, I wondered to myself if that technically counted as a quadruple hit because of the two cartridges. Needless to say, I settled on “yes” as the answer. In terms of effectiveness, the TOMBSTONE is hands down the best way to combine flavors and to chase down that giant hit that you’ve been chasing. The TOMBSTONE is intuitive to use and once you put in your cartridges, you won’t need to fiddle with them until they’re empty and they need to be replaced. Since the TOMBSTONE completely protects the cartridges, the cartridges stay covered and protected. Unlike other vaporizer batteries, where the cartridge will get jostled and unscrewed while in a pocket, then the device will stop firing. Luckily Hamilton Devices has that covered with the TOMBSTONE vaporizer! Overall rating:
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
Hamilton Devices provides CCELL’s ceramic coil technology to the masses with their vaporizer batteries. The TOMBSTONE is the ultimate solution for those seeking to vape with two 510 threaded cartridges at the same time. Using the TOMBSTONE is so satisfying, just don’t expect a regular hit when you use the TOMBSTONE. Because hits are 2x more powerful, you’ll end up taking fewer hits to get the same effect just like I did. The TOMBSTONE is a vape I intend to keep using. Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF* your entire order from Hamilton Devices!
*maximum amount purchase is $150.