Top Shelf Hemp Co. Delta 9 Craft Edibles Review

delta9 craft edibles

Company Overview

Taking pride in crafting organic quality hemp and perfecting their extraction methods, Top Shelf Hemp has created some of the best quality hemp products in the entire industry. Founded in 2017, Top Shelf Hemp not only creates quality hemp products but they have partnered with some of the most reliable and reputable farmers and brands to provide the best products for their customers.

Their vision and goals align throughout the company, with every employee, grower, and brand only wanting to provide you with the best smoking experience possible.

After reviewing their delicious Delta 8 craft gummies , I was excited to try their Delta 9 Craft gummies.

Delta 9 Craft Edibles - Blue Raspberry

delta 9 craft edibles

Delta 9 is a cannabinoid that has great potency and psychoactive effects. It's the active component in the THC flower plant that gets you high and promotes creativity and feel-good euphoria.

Unlike Delta 8 thats more mellow, Delta 9 gives you energy and intoxicates you when taken in excess. It can be extremely fun which is why I was excited to try these edibles. The first flavor I decided to try was the Blue Raspberry flavor.

Right off the bat I really liked the packaging. It was very elegant and sleek and the design was very high end. Each Delta 9 edible is color coded according to its flavor, which in this case was blue for Blue Raspberry. Each bag comes with 15 gummies, each with 10mg of Delta 9 per gummy.

Because I wanted to feel the effects, I decided to start with three gummies to feel the effects fast. I made sure I was at home and in a controlled environment to make sure I wasn't a danger to anyone while being high on Delta 9.

The gummies were very flavorful, like a blue icee. It was the perfect amount of fruity and tangy and it didn't have any nasty aftertaste, it was just pure blueberry goodness.

The effects started to kick in maybe about 45 minutes after I took them. I knew they were hitting me because I started to feel a head high and then I started feeling giddy. Before long I felt the full effects, I felt creative, I felt good, like as I just got a shot of euphoria injected straight into my veins.

I felt the effects for about 3 hours before they gradually started wearing off. My first time trying Top Shelf Hemp Co's Delta 9 craft edibles was a success.

Delta 9 Craft Edibles - Twisted Cherry

The next flavor I decided to try was the Twisted Cherry. The color of the packaging was red for Cherry and it had slightly different shapes decorating the packaging with the same elegant design.

Like the Blue Raspberry, the Twisted Cherry tasted like an Icee and it tasted so sweet. It didn't leave an aftertaste and I was so tempted to take more but I ended up going against it.

Like the other Delta 9 craft edibles, I felt the effects in about 45 minutes, starting with a feeling of euphoria that graduated into a body high with a shot of creativity. This time I felt the effects even longer, I felt great for about 4 hours and the effects only starting wearing off because I started more strenuous activities.

So far, both flavors have been great, I couldn't wait to try the third flavor.

Delta 9 Craft Edibles - Pink Lemonade

The last flavor I decided to try was Pink lemonade. Like the other packaging, the Pink Lemonade was color coded pink for it's flavor and the elegant shapes decorated the sleek black bag.

These Delta 9 craft edibles came with 15 gummies just like the rest. This time I decided to try 4 gummies to intensify the effects even more. The taste of these was perfect. A good amount of sour and tangy to match the sweetness of the gummy. It was an explosion of flavors in my mouth.

I was very pleased. The effects took about 45 minutes to kick in and it started with a sudden burst of creativity. Everything seemed more colorful and vibrant, I also felt great, like I was on the verge of one of the best days of my life.

I couldn't describe the feeling, it just felt good. I couldn't get enough of these amazing gummies.

Top Shelf Hemp Co. Delta 9 Craft Edibles Review

Don't ask me which Delta 9 craft edible was my favorite because I couldn't possibly answer. Each flavor was better than the last and Delta 9 is a perfect addition for an edible. It did the job and made me feel good for hours on end.

No one can make Delta 9 craft edibles like Top Shelf Hemp Co, one of the leaders in Delta 9 and other cannabinoid edibles

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