Topps Kratom Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies & Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review

Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies & Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review

Topps Kratom Company Overview

Kratom is a botanical substance that is taking the world by storm with its energizing effects and pain relieving properties. One of the leaders in the Kratom industry is Topps Kratom, a brand founded on creating the purest and safest kratom, with no additives or preservatives that can deem it dangerous.

In its purest form, Kratom has a lot of great benefits, including mood and energy enhancement, pain relief, and even acts as a great alternative to some modern medicine. Which is why I’m excited to try two of Topps Kratom’s top selling products, Gold full spectrum tropical gummies and the full spectrum Kratom extract shot.

Kratom is something that is still very new to me so I did my research in finding the best and most trusted brand, and Topps Kratom was one the top of the list. I’m excited to try these products and see what all the hype is about. 

Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies Review

Topps Kratom Gold Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Gummies
Topps Kratom Gold Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Gummies

The first thing I wanted to try is the gold spectrum tropical gummies. They came in a small, white package of 10, each gummy infused with 10mg of Kratom. It’s recommended to take 3-4 per serving, although new users have reported that they feel the effects after just taking one, so I took one to start off.

 The gummies are said to be the tastiest and easiest way to take Kratom and after taking one, I can definitely agree. They are made with raw agave and sugar, as well as other natural sweeteners, so it was a great taste, almost like a starburst. It was very tasty, I almost wanted to take another but decided to just stick to one until I started feeling the effects.

The effects didn’t take long to kick in, I was feeling it in about 20 minutes. At first it felt like I took a shot of espresso due to the increase in energy. I’m always tired (thanks insomnia) and this immediately gave me a boost, as well as gave me a euphoric, happy feeling. I started feeling more motivated and inspired to get my work done.

I usually take an energy drink or coffee as a pick me up throughout the day, but with the tropical gummies, I was wired and ready to go without the sugary drinks. I felt good and energized for at least 5-6 hours, feeling the best I have in a while. It cleared my mind and got me focused in a way I’ve never really felt before.

I’ll admit, I was a little bit weary when I heard Kratom was sometimes used to help with recovering from opioids, but with the dosage I took, I felt great and I didn’t feel any side effects. It was a nice stimulant for a busy work day.

I even took another gummy before driving to work the next morning and I felt great throughout the day, with no crashing or slumping like I would with coffee or energy drinks.

  Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review

Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies & Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review

After a couple days of trying the gummies and building up my tolerance for Kratom, I decided to try the Full Spectrum kratom extract shot. This little shot comes in a durable glass bottle containing 15 mL of liquid and two servings of Kratom, which is considered a mild dosage of kratom.

It is recommended to build your way up to more doses which is why I waited a few days to build my tolerance to try the shot. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can always just take half the shot and take the other half once the effects wear off.

Taking the shot was just like taking a wellness shot, just down it all in one gulp. The only difference was that the kratom shot was a lot tastier and it didn’t leave a weird aftertaste or that weird burning in my chest. Like the gummies, the kratom shots have sweeteners and raw agave that give it a good flavor.

I started feeling the effects about 10 minutes after taking it and man did I feel good. Unlike the energizing and motivated stimulation I felt with the gummies, I felt more euphoric and relaxed, like I was floating on a cloud on a warm summer night.

Seriously, I felt like all my stress and anxiety from the day just melt away and the only thing left in my head was whether I wanted to lay down on the couch or lay down in my bed. It was indescribable, like I was on another planet where nothing bad ever happens, and I just wanted to feel like this forever.

Changing the dosage up definitely made a change in my side effects but I still felt great regardless. Taking a small dosage gave me a great burst of energy and kept me focused throughout my work day and taking a bigger dosage helped me relax and unwind after a long day of work.

It really depends on what you’re looking for, but it definitely helps either way.

Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies & Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review Conclusion

Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies & Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review
Gold Full Spectrum Tropical Gummies & Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot Review

My first experience with kratom was a great one, thanks to Topps Kratom. Not only was I getting the best possible pure kratom, but I also got all my questions answered, which really put my mind at ease.

Both the gummies and the shot were tasty and I felt great, with no side effects at all. I was a bit skeptical about kratom because it sounded too good to be true but it is all it says and more.

Kratom is used for mood and energy enhancement, pain and anxiety relief and I can confidently say it helped me a lot. It’s not a high like weed or CBD, it’s a genuine mood stimulant.

 I highly recommend Topps Kratom and their products, especially for new users who still don’t know a lot about it. Let Topps Kratom talk you through your first time and answer any questions you may have.

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