Tru Delta 8 Super Lemon Haze Disposable Vape Pen Review

super lemon Haze disposable weed pen

Company Overview

Known best for their award winning terpene formulations, TRU Delta 8 helps you experience vaping and dabbing like never before. As one of the first companies to master extracting Delta 8 and other cannabinoids you are sure to get nothing but the best delta 8 products from them.

TRU Delta Eight is a Delta 8 THC provider that carries a whole range of D8 products ranging from tinctures to disposables, distillate in syringes, gummies of assorted flavors, and more. Their products are made with Delta 8 distillate extracted and processed from US Farm Act of 2018 compliant hemp flowers which contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Today I will be reviewing their Super Lemon Haze Disposable. As a big fan of TRU Delta 8 and the Delta 8 cannabinoid, I was excited to try this disposable out.

Super Lemon Haze Disposable Vape Pen

super lemon haze

Right off the bat, I was extremely intrigued by the design and color way of the disposable, and the packaging. Gold, green, and black go together really well and give the disposable an elegance that is hard to compete with. The packaging shows you everything you need to know about the pen, including the strain, lab tests, and the amount of concentrate in the pen.

In this case, I had Super Lemon Haze and it had about 1 gram of concentrate. The gold pen with the signature company logo looks so cool, like it belongs in a museum.

For those that don't know, Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa dominant strain comprised of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, two powerful and award winning strains. This hybrid strain promotes creativity and uplifting mood, giving you a much needed boost throughout the day.

Since TRU Delta 8 is an award winning company, I trusted that the flavor of the potent strain would be present and I wasn't disappointed. Upon the first puff I tasted the citrusy, sweet taste of Super Lemon Haze and it was so smooth. The flavor wasn't the only thing I was impressed by.

Upon taking 2-3 puffs, I started feeling the effects of Delta 8, starting with a head high and a bit of euphoria. After a couple more hits, I was able to feel the Super Lemon Haze that helped me focus and give me a short burst of energy and creativity.

It was something that kept me going throughout the day and every puff was flavorful and potent. I really liked how potent the pen was and how long it lasted. The pen ran out of juice after about 10 days which is unheard of for disposables. The potency also lasted the whole time, I wasn't left wondering or asking for more.

I had a really enjoyable experience. The pen works just as well as you would think from an award winning company and it looks just as cool.

Tru Delta 8 Super Lemon Haze Disposable Vape Pen Review - Conclusion

I had another great experience with TRU Delta 8. From the delivery till the last drop of the pen, I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail on the disposable. Disposables aren't supposed to be this elegant and they're also not supposed to work this well, but they somehow managed to exceed my expecatations.

Although I tried Super Lemon Haze, there are plenty of other strains to choose from to best cater to your needs. I can attest that it will get the job done and it will make your day 1000 times better. Just a few puffs a day and you're on cloud 9.

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