Tru Delta Eight Super Lemon Haze Tincture Review

super lemon haze delta 8 tincture

Company Overview

Known best for their award-winning terpene formulations, TRU Delta 8 helps you experience vaping and dabbing like never before. As one of the first companies to master extracting Delta 8 and other cannabinoids, you will surely get nothing but the best delta 8 products from them.

TRU Delta Eight is a Delta 8 THC provider that carries a whole range of D8 products, from tinctures to disposables, distillate in syringes, gummies of assorted flavors, and more. Their products are made with Delta 8 distillate extracted and processed from the US Farm Act of 2018-compliant hemp flowers containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Today I will review their Ultra Premium Sublingual Tincture, Super Lemon Haze.

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Super Lemon Haze Tincture

Most cannabis users will smoke flower, vape, or dab, and sometimes even turn cannabis into a delicious treat. Many users don't know about the use of tinctures and how efficient they can be at getting you high. Tinctures are a popular way to consume cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. These highly concentrated extracts are made by soaking herbs in alcohol, glycerin, or oil, and they have a long shelf life and are easy to produce.

Because they are ingested orally, tinctures pass through the body and liver before reaching the bloodstream. This makes them an appealing option for those who don't want to smoke or who need more potent doses of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Whether you're looking for a way to relax after a long day or just want to experience the euphoric effects of cannabis, tinctures offer an efficient and enjoyable way to do so.

Now let's get into the Super Lemon Haze. This tincture is especially unique with the use of the popular hybrid strain. Super Lemon Haze is known for its potent effects and signature flavor, a flavor that has won it two Cannabis Cups. This tincture also has Delta 8, a cannabinoid known for its mellow effects.

There are several ways to consume tinctures, either orally by dropping the product straight into your mouth or mixing it with your meals. For immediate effect, I decided to drop the droplets into my tongue.

I dropped about 3 drops and tasted a slightly citrusy taste, but otherwise, it was almost flavorless. Since there is about 1500mg of product in the little bottle, I figured I took about 30-45mg. The effects started after about 30 minutes, and the effects started with a slight head high. Before I knew it, I felt euphoric and a bit energetic, like I was just ready to do anything. This tincture was an excellent pick-me-up.

I didn't usually try tinctures, but I understand the appeal after trying this tincture. I tried it the next day, and I still feel the effects.

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Tru Delta Eight Delta 8 Assorted Gummies Review - Conclusion

Tru Delta 8 has done it again with this Super Lemon Haze tincture. It was potent, great, and effective. After taking it, I changed my mood and energy levels. This company takes pride in its product and shows in the final result's quality. If you’re looking for an excellent tincture to help boost your mood and energy levels, I highly recommend giving Tru Delta 8 a try.

The next time you’re in the market for a tincture, be sure to check out Tru Delta 8. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed, don't believe me, see for yourself.

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