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UPC provides high-quality glass water pipes, dab rigs and much more. The best quality glass crafters have gathered to make UPC Glass the highest quality glass in the market today!

Finding the right water pipe that fits your own personal style and use is usually not as simple as walking into any old smoke or head shop and picking out whatever they have available at the time.

Not to say that those shops won’t have anything awesome to pick out, but if you want to find something that is virtually customized for every potential customer who walks in, you will typically have a super tough time finding a place that provides that.

There are limitations that come with using brick and mortar head shops that are not an issue for head shops found on the internet, and Smoke Cartel is an excellent example of a successful customer-centric online head shop.

One of the brands in the Smoke Cartel family is UPC, which stands for Until Prohibition Ceases. UPC is one of Smoke Cartel’s lines of high-quality handmade water pipes and dab rigs that are designed to last.

UPC provides the highest quality glass and a variety of bongs, pipes, and dab rigs that are crafted with durability in mind. Today we will take a look at UPC 12” single tree percolator classic beaker water pipe.

A water pipe as well-made and feature-filled as this one by UPC, combined with the low prices and awesome services by Smoke Cartel, creates a quality experience that is recommended for all those interested in purchasing their next water pipe.

About UPC Glass 

Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA and distributed from Smoke Cartel’s warehouse in Savannah, GA, UPC employs talented glass blowers, especially those who specialize in designing scientific glass, to craft high-quality water pipes and dab rigs.

UPC offers a variety of water pipes, bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs that are made with high-quality borosilicate glass and are complex and beautiful by design, as all scientific glass should be.

UPC Glass Water Pipe-Perc

The company includes percolators in the form of trees, showerheads, and honeycombs into its water pipes and commonly features additional amenities into their final products such as ice catchers, splash guards, and diffusing down stems.

A quick glance at the company’s Instagram feed reveals just how talented the glass blowing team at UPC is, as they have posted many photos of a variety of pieces with shapes, designs and color patterns that are just pure eye candy.

If you consider the sheer high level of talent it takes to create the complex pieces that are featured, a different perspective is taken on what the company currently features in its lineup for the most part, which are the comparatively simple-looking, yet exquisite, scientific glass pieces. 

It would seem that a glassblower who is capable of creating such complex creations would get bored making the more fundamental designs of the scientific pieces. This query led to a closer look at the UPC water pipe to be reviewed.

The inspection revealed that the piece contains some pretty complex features, mainly in the design of the percolator. The tree percolator is made up of 8 distinguishable parts: a splash guard, a trunk, a canopy and five branches with three slits on each branch.

All of the parts of the tree percolator look perfectly symmetrical and they work just as lovely as they are complex.

Observing and analyzing just one section of a UPC water pipe reveals exactly why the talented glass blowing artists at the company are most likely not bored while creating their scientific glass designs: they’re as complex as they are attractive.

UPC Glass Review

The piece selected for this review is the UPC 12” Single Tree Percolator Classic Beaker Water Pipe. It comes with a removable diffused downstem, an ice catcher and a medium-sized bowl with the UPC logo printed near the top and “California Handmade” in cursive at the base of the neck.

The water pipe has a durable construction consisting of thick glass and the laboratory beaker neck contains an ice catcher and a tree percolator below it, which is supported by the splash guard.

The conical base features a protruding opening for the 14.5mm stem it is equipped with in order to achieve maximum pull from the bowl.

The piece can additionally be equipped with a UPC ash catcher in order to keep the water clean and achieve the best flavors, or a diffusing downstem with a tree, honeycomb, shower head or fire cut design for the smoothest pulls.

The interchangeability of the UPC 12” Single Tree Percolator Classic Beaker Water Pipe with UPC-designed parts ensures that the perfect balance of pull strength, filtration, diffusion and flavor preservation can be achieved.

Using the UPC Glass | Classic Beaker Water Pipe

A brand new foot-tall glass water pipe ready and waiting to be used is always a sight to behold. The first pulls when using the piece are the easiest, cleanest and tastiest pulls it will ever produce.

It really is a ceremonious occasion, in a way, and when the water pipe in question is the one that I’m reviewing, which is the UPC 12” Single Tree Percolator Classic Beaker Water Pipe, the call for a ceremony is more warranted than ever.

When you first see the water pipe out of the box and fully assembled it makes you want to jump right in and spark it up.

The presentation of the piece is without any flaws and its design is impeccably symmetrical. The tree percolator near the base of the piece’s neck looks a bit like a glass jellyfish sculpture to me more than a tree, but it is beautiful to admire, nonetheless.

The diffusing downstem provided with the water pipe is long enough to allow a wide range of water measurements in the tank to achieve the perfect pull strength during use. Which brings me to using the piece, and it is a real joy to use.

The build quality of the piece is solid and feels top-notch, and the obviously ample thickness of the glass does not seem to add very much to the overall weight, even when filled with water, as it is very light to carry.

I prefer filling the tank up to just above the down stem’s topmost diffusion opening as it gets a good thick smoke buildup without offering too much resistance.

While inhaling, the smoke buildup is fun to witness as the diffuser and the tree percolator work together to create thick swirls of smokey goodness ready to be shot up the beaker’s neck.

The final stage of the inhale is filled with an enormous amount of cool smoke that travels with ease through the entire workings of the piece and into the user for a super clean, tasty and huge (or small, if you prefer) pull every time.

Look: 4.5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.5/5