Venterra Farms Diffuser Pens Review

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Venterra Farms is a Ventura County CBD company with a wide range of hemp extract products including disposable diffuser pens. Our Venterra Farms diffuser pens review will help you see if these are the hemp vapes and flavors that you’ve been looking for.

Venterra Farms Company Info

Venterra Farms is based in Ventura County, California. They are run by a 5th generation farmer who emphasizes that their mission is "to grow, harvest, and sell our crops with care and integrity.”

As such, all of Venterra Farms’ CBD products are non-GMO, THC-free, 100% natural, and GMP certified. The hemp flowers aren’t sourced from another place but are grown on their own farm. After harvest, a subcritical process is used to create high-quality hemp extract for use in the final products.

I’ve previously been able to review Venterra Farms Protect and Repair capsules, the Sleep, Focus, and Energy tinctures, and the brand’s hemp gummies. For this review, Venterra Farms sent over four flavors of their diffuser pens and I was excited to try them all.

Trying Out the Venterra Farms Diffuser Pens

Venterra Farms Vape Pens
Venterra Farms Vape Pens

Venterra Farms Diffuser Pens come in four different flavors: Bubble Gum, Pineapple Haze, Thin Mint, and Sweet Berry. The flavors are added via steam-distilled plant terpenes.

The broad-spectrum hemp extract contains no tobacco, no vitamin E, no vegetable glycerin, and no propylene glycol. It’s not cut with anything at all.

Each diffuser pen has 1000mg of this broad-spectrum extract. Best of all, the disposable pens are rechargeable so you won’t run out of (electric) juice before you run out of (hemp) juice.

The Bubble Gum Diffuser Pen

The Venterra Farms Bubble Gum Diffuser Pen comes in a pink box. Everything is pink: even the mouthpiece cover!

Let me start by saying that bubble gum is not something I regularly chew, and bubble gum flavored stuff is not something I usually seek out. Usually as close as I’ll go is bubba kush.

Venterra Farms’ Bubble Gum flavor diffuser pen didn’t have that nasty artificial bubble gum taste that I’ve been avoiding my whole life. It tasted light and was just a flavor enhancer, with the extract itself still being the star of the show.

The Pineapple Haze Diffuser Pen

The Venterra Farms Pineapple Haze Diffuser Pen comes inside a golden orange and yellow box with a matching mouthpiece cover. Unlike bubble gum, pineapples are something that I enjoy as often as possible, and, for that matter, so is haze.

Each hit that I took of Venterra Farms’ Pineapple Haze Diffuser Pen tasted like a mouthful of pineapple cake. It is just sweet enough and the aftertaste has a twang of tang that lasts longer than expected. 

The Thin Mint Diffuser Pen

Although the Venterra Farms Thin Mint Diffuser Pen comes in a light green box, its mouthpiece cover is just a little more yellow. The Thin Mint flavoring is strong in this one. I could smell it as soon as I opened the box.

There were equal parts chocolate and mint but no sweetness, which I kind of liked. I felt like this Thin Mint flavor stayed in my mouth for even longer than the Pineapple. Of all the flavor names I’ve read on vape packaging, this one might just take the cake in terms of matching and then exceeding my expectations.

The Sweet Berry Diffuser Pen

The illustrated, eponymous “sweet berry” on the light blue box the Venterra Farms Sweet Berry Diffuser Pen comes in sure looks like a blueberry to me. I’ve never had a sweet berry flavor before, though I have tried blueberry-flavored things.

All in all, Venterra Farms’ Sweet Berry pleasantly surprised me again. The taste was like an airy blueberry pop tart without the saccharine sweetness. Things were still sweet, especially on the nose, but the berry taste is what kept me puffing away.

Venterra Farms Diffuser Pens Review Results

No PG/VG means that the throat feel on these vapes will feel a little bit off to experienced vapers. That’s fine by me, and frankly, I’ll savor the cleanliness. I like having vapes like these around to fine-tune my high with non-THC cannabinoids.

The feels are quick and mellow. I enjoy this type of instant relaxation or energy step down when I’m out and about in public. In such scenarios, there is so much variability around you that it’s nice to be able to add this bit of control. If at any point I feel overwhelmed, I can step aside and puff on the diffuser pen. Can’t beat that!

Venterra Farms takes their broad-spectrum hemp extract and puts it in these diffuser pens for customers along with flavors made from plant terpenes. These products have no THC but are chock-full of the whole spectrum of non-THC, non-psychoactive good feels.

These diffuser pens smell better than most hemp vapes that you’ll ever come across. They taste delicious, too. Try ‘em today! Use code “THC30” to save an awesome 30% on your order from Venterra Farms.