Venterra Farms Review: Capsules, Tinctures & Gummies

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Venterra Farms is a CBD company from California with a wide range of no THC products. Check out our Venterra Farms review for information on this brand's capsules, gummies, and tinctures.

Venterra Farms Company Info

Venterra Farms hails from sunny Ventura County, California. They are a hemp company that provides complete seed-to-sale transparency for any curious customers. Will Terry, President of Venterra Farms says:

“Our mission is to grow, harvest, and sell our crops with care and integrity.”

He is a 5th generation farmer in Ventura County and takes immense pride in Venterra Farms’ hemp products. All of Venterra Farms’ products are Non-GMO, THC Free, 100% Natural, GMP Certified, and use their own farm-grown hemp.

The hemp flowers are extracted using a subcritical process that results in hemp extract that is fully activated and ready for use. To provide targeted effects for their customers, Venterra Farms also adds in botanical extracts.

For this review, Venterra Farms sent over their line of ingestibles: Venterra Farms Protect and Repair capsules, Venterra Farms Sleep, Focus, and Energy tinctures, and Venterra Farms hemp gummies. I was excited to try them all.

Photo of Venterra Farms capsule bottles
Venterra Farms Capsules

Venterra Farms Protect and Repair Capsules Review

The Venterra Farms Protect and Repair Capsules come in their respective containers containing 30 capsules per container. Venterra Farms formulates its Protect Capsules for immune protection. Each comes with 375mg of CBD. Meanwhile, Venterra Farms Repair Capsules are for muscle and joint recovery and contain 750mg of CBD.

For extra protection, Venterra Farms has added Adaptogens to their Protect Capsules- which are supposed to help aid in promoting homeostasis. Homeostasis is the blanket term given to the human body’s ability and tendency to maintain a healthy status quo. The protect capsules are formulated with half-strength CBD and these adaptogens to give your body the best ingredients possible to keep the immune system running. Obviously, it’s hard to quantify how effective the immune protection is - but I’m still not sick.

The Repair Capsules, on the other hand, are full strength with 25mg of CBD for every capsule. I took a capsule a day for a week when I was strenuously working outdoors and I noticed a distinct lack of soreness in the mornings. To achieve this formulation, Venterra Farms added Arnica to their Repair Capsules. Arnica is anti-inflammatory just like CBD and when you pair CBD capsules with Arnica with stretching in the mornings and at night - trust me when I say your muscles and joints will feel good.

Photo of Venterra Farms tincture bottles
Venterra Farms tinctures

Venterra Farms Tincture Reviews

Sleep, Focus & Energy

Each vial of Venterra Farms Tinctures contains 1000mg of CBD and comes in a glass vial with a dropper top. Each dropper full of Venterra Farms hemp extract tincture delivers 33mg of CBD, and there are 30 servings total. The three available formulations are Sleep, Focus, and Energy. 

The Venterra Farms’ Sleep Tincture features chamomile and honey flavoring but also some other herbs that promote sleep such as California poppyseed, valerian root, and saffron.

I took one dropper full of the Sleep Tincture about an hour before my planned bedtime. It was the first time in weeks that I actually fell asleep before my planned bedtime.

Each morning after I felt really good. I’ve tried chamomile before, but never in conjunction with CBD and these other herbs. It’s an efficacious mix.

The Focus Tincture features a spearmint flavor and the addition of brain fog reducing herbs and compounds such as Mucuna Pruriens, Raspberry Ketones, Phenylethylamine HCL, L Theanine, Theobromine, and Lion’s Mane.

I took this tincture first thing in the morning during weekdays. This product impressed me with the clear-headed focus I experienced. It wasn’t a THC-V high - it was a relaxation of the sort that clears your mind of anxiety in a way that leaves room for more of whatever you’re focusing on. Bravo.

The Energy Tincture features a citrus flavor and the addition of herbs and compounds that promote alertness such as cocoa, Siberian ginseng (aka eleuthero), ginkgo biloba, and cola nut extract.

I ended up using this tincture around lunchtime on days where the afternoon hump seemed insurmountable. Sometimes I like to nap; however, most times, I’d rather find something that will keep me up but without building a dependency as caffeine does.

I felt the boost of energy both physically and mentally - and if I didn’t use up all of that energy, the sleep tincture was waiting for me once it got dark.

Venterra Farms gummies package
Venterra Farms gummies

Venterra Farms Relax Gummies Review

In a light blue bag with Venterra Farms branding emblazoned around, is how you'll find Venterra Farms Relax Gummies. All in all, there is 400mg of CBD between 16 gummies in mixed berry flavors, working out to 25mg of CBD each. 

The cool thing about Venterra Farms is that their Relax Gummies don’t just have CBD and other cannabinoids from their high-quality hemp extract to do the job. They also include velvet bean, L-theanine, and valine & steam distilled terpenes to the formulation. 

I took two gummies at once to achieve my target goal of 50mg of CBD in one day all in one go. Relaxation is something that eludes me when I most need it. The more I think about relaxation when I want to be relaxed, the less relaxed I get.

It’s a vicious cycle that used to plague me as a youngin; however, CBD products like these gummies are able to break that cycle pretty reliably and all while tasting pretty OK. The berry definitely outshines the herbiness and the texture is chef’s kisses.

Venterra Farms Review Conclusion

Whatever your preferred way of ingesting CBD products is, Venterra Farms has you covered. What’s even better is that all of their products are formulated to help with a specific issue.

Whether it’s joint or muscle pain, immune system boosting, mood-boosting, energy-boosting, help sleeping, or whatever: Venterra Farms has something for you to try.

So what are you waiting for? Use code “THC30” to save an awesome 30% on your order from Venterra Farms.