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Vessel BASE Charger

About Vessel

Vessel has been a premium brand in the 510 thread cartridge battery industry since 2018 - and in recent years they have stepped up their accessory game considerably. They’re based in Carlsbad, California and pride themselves on the fact that   is a brand that truly caters to cannabis users. Every single Vessel product and all of their accompanying color designs are well thought out to give off just that right mix of luxury and practicality. As a proud American company, Vessel is a prime example of why cannabis innovation still happens in the states no matter what the federal government thinks about it. What makes Vessel's commitment to their users so great includes the fact that they’re open to feedback whether it is negative or positive; as a matter of fact, they welcome in. The about page of the Vessel website includes a pledge to customers present and future: “We will continue to do our best to serve you and educate where we can; all while we ask for some understanding that our product was designed to elevate the consuming experience but we know we'll always have room to improve - this is why your feedback is so critically important. We welcome feedback always.“ I’ve previously reviewed the Vessel Rover Deluxe Carry Case and really experienced the comfort of using Vessel Brand's well thought out designs first hand. I was very excited to try out Vessel’s BASE Charging stand and another limited edition battery that they sent over for me to try.

Vessel BASE Charging Stand Review

Vessel The Vessel BASE Charging Stand comes in a black box that you’ll notice is a little heavier than expected when you pick it up. On the outside of the box, the Vessel brand name and BASE product name are written in a contrasting white. Open up the box and you reveal the charging stand in a molded resting place. Under that, you’ll find a USB-A to USB-C charging cable which allows you to set the BASE charging stand up with any existing USB charger or to plug directly into your computer. Vessel The Vessel BASE Charger stands about 1.72” and has a diameter of 1.72“ - it sits like a perfect upright cylinder with tapered edges and a spot right smack dab in the middle to charge your Vessel vape pen. The inside of the charging stand features the unique Vessel charging adapter which is ready to accept any of the wonderful Vessel vape pen designs. The BASE weighs a whopping 8 ounces - or a full half pound - and is sturdy wherever you set it. There’s no way to tip this thing over with everyday bumps and nudges. Vessel The bottom of the BASE Charger proudly displays the words “Designed in California.” California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and though it wasn’t the first state to implement recreational marijuana laws, it has been the continuing leader in the cannabis industry around the world. When I see those words, I really feel at ease and reassured that the designers of this product really are working with the needs of real cannabis users at the forefront of their minds. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

Vessel Wood Series-White and Beechwood Vape Pen

Vessel To be honest, The Vessel BASE Charging Stand looks a little naked without a 510 thread cartridge vaporizer battery inside. While a Black Vessel battery does match the black of the charging stand very well, I find that I prefer the contrast of Vessel’s new Wood Series: specifically the look of their White and Beechwood battery. Besides the White+Beechwood in their Wood Series, Vessel also has a Slate + Walnut, Bronze + Blackwood, and Silver + Walnut. Besides the Wood Series, Vessel also has a sleek Formula Series in black and metallic colors, as well as other different color combos in their Style Series and Expedition Series. Vessel All these Vessel limited edition batteries were released in celebration of Vessel’s one year launch anniversary. The Vessel White + Beechwood Wood Edition comes out of its box with one of Vessel’s proprietary magnetic USB chargers - but it really looks so much better with the upgraded BASE charger. Each Vessel vape pen features a sleek button - but it isn’t a fire button. Firing the Vessel White/Beechwood battery is done via air inhalation. The sleek button is just for powering on and off the Vessel battery or changing between the preset voltages (2.8v, 3.2v, and 3.6v). Don’t forget though, the Vessel battery is really at its fullest potential when it’s paired with the Vessel BASE Charging Stand. Use code “SLYNG30” for an awesome 30% OFF your entire order from Vessel!