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Vessel Rover Deluxe Carrying Case Review

Vessel Brand’s products are designed right here in the USA and are a breath of fresh, high-quality air in a very polluted industry. To show off their chops, Vessel sent over the Vessel Rover Deluxe Carry Case in black along with a limited edition battery for me to try.

About Vessel Brand

Vessel Brand first launched with its line of Vessel 510 thread cartridge batteries in 2018 and has been redefining quality in the 510 thread cartridge battery industry since then. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Vessel Brand is a company that is made by cannabis users for cannabis users. Their designs are sleek and every single one of their products is thought out with the end-user, you, in mind. They are open to feedback; in fact, they welcome in. On the Vessel Brand website, their about page ends with a strong statement of their commitment to you the cartridge vaper: “We will continue to do our best to serve you and educate where we can; all while we ask for some understanding that our product was designed to elevate the consumer experience but we know we'll always have room to improve - this is why your feedback is so critically important. We welcome feedback always.“

Our Vessel Rover Deluxe Carrying Case Review

The Vessel Rover Deluxe Carrying Case comes with a black wrap-around label that shows the interior design, lists out specifications, and describes what the case is used for.  The inside of the Rover is plush with molded EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) while the outside of the case features a durable polyester to protect your cartridges and Vessel battery from spills, falls, and other mishaps. The case measures in at 7” long by 3.4” wide and is 1.5” deep. Both the molded cartridge compartments and the molded battery compartments come with wide bands integrated into the case to keep items snug in their spot. As soon as I opened up the case, I gave the EVA a few pushes with my fingers and was impressed with the durability of the entire case. I put my Vessel battery in the battery spot along with an extra THC cartridge and extra CBD cartridge into the cartridge spots. I also tucked my Vessel USB charger into the accessory pouch in case I needed to charge on the go.
With the extra battery spot, I put a nice pen that I like to use instead of a second battery I didn’t have to save on space in my bag. With the case added to my backpack, I headed out the door and about my day to see how the Rover Case holds up to a full day of on the go use. Having used many military-grade Pelican cases to protect my gear before, I was very happy and impressed by the lightweight of the Rover Case. Additionally, I appreciate that the concealed zipper design keeps the zipper lining from catching threads from my clothes or bag. The size of the case makes it perfect to carry in the single backpack that I use while traveling and is now part of my one bag everyday carry kit.
The accessory pouch is perfect for one or two of Vessel’s wonderful USB chargers with room to spare for alcohol wipes or anything else you may want to carry. I absolutely adore how snug the Vessel battery looks inside the case, it is aesthetically pleasing, sleekness on sleekness - especially if you have one of Vessel’s black batteries. The case is my new favorite accessory case and it has officially entered my bag and I don’t see why it would ever leave. Overall rating:
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
The Vessel Rover Deluxe Carrying Case would be woefully incomplete without a Vessel 510 thread cartridge battery inside. Vessel has batteries in many different colors but my absolute favorite one to carry around in the Rover Case is Vessel’s new Vessel Voyager Limited Edition which comes in Black/Gold. Besides the Black/Gold Voyager Series, Vessel also has a Black/White Formula Series, several beautiful wood finishes in their Wood Series, and also different color combinations and unique colors in their Expedition and Style Series.
Vessel released the limited edition batteries in celebration of the one year anniversary of their launch. The Vessel Voyager Edition comes out of the beautiful black box with its proprietary magnetic USB charger and still features the reliable and powerful draw-activated via their air-inhalation. The sleek button is just for turning the Vessel battery on and switching between voltages (2.8v, 3.2v, and 3.6v). The Vessel battery is so much safer in the case, and that’s where I try to leave it when I’m not hitting it. Use code “SLYNG30” for an awesome 30% OFF your entire order from Vessel Brand!