Vivimu #REC'D Mango Gummies, Watermelon Gummies & #Focus Softgels Review


Vivimu Company Overview

With a huge jump in cannabinoid popularity and the legalization of marijuana in most of the United States, a lot of companies have sprouted from the ground to provide CBD, HHC, THCV, and other cannabinoids.

Vivimu is much of the same. Starting with an idea of providing the best quality products for the cannabis industry and putting every product through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality and reliability. Vivimu puts their money where their mouth is, giving you the best cannabinoids the industry can offer at affordable prices.

Today I am going to try Vivimu's #REC'D gummies and #FOCUS Softgels. As a big fan of CBD and it's helpful effects, I am very excited to try out these products.

Vivimu Delta 9 Watermelon Gummies

vivimu watermelon gummies

First I wanted to try the Delta 9 Watermelon gummies. For those of you that don't know, Delta 9 is a cannabinoid of the marijuana plant that helps with relief from inflammation, anxiety, help with insomnia, and my other uses, and the CBD infusion only adds to the relief and it negates any side effects associated with THC.

I was excited to try these after the gym or when I did some extraneous activity to test out the pain/inflammation relief. I took one to start off as recommended and since it comes in small doses I was able to go about my day without worrying about getting "high".

I felt the effects after about an hour and at first they were mild, only giving me a head high and making me feel a bit euphoric. After another 30 or so minutes, I really started to feel the effects, getting a body high and feeling relief on my sore muscles and knee pain.

It didn't slump me like I thought it would but I definitely felt the head high for a while, about 2 hours. It was a good feeling, like I just got told the best news ever and I'm riding the high of excitement. It didn't disrupt my day nor did it slow me down in any way.

It was so good, I decided to start incorporating these tasty gummies with my regular workouts, to take before so I can prevent feeling sore or achy after.

Vivimu Delta 9 Mango Gummies

Next I decided to try the Mango gummies. Since they are both basically the same, minus the different flavors, I expected to feel the same or similar effects. The watermelon flavor was very organic and tasty, so I was excited to try the mango flavor since mango is my favorite fruit.

Like the watermelon gummies, these are 100% Vegan and scientifically formulated so you can take it in the morning or in the evening after a work shift without worrying about the effects.

I started feeling effects after about 45 minutes and like the other gummies, I started off with a minor head high which spread to give me a whole body high.

I felt euphoric for about two hours. I took these gummies before my workout and I felt like I was able to push myself more because no aches or pains were slowing me down and I felt a motivation I usually don't feel. It's a great workout buddy and you don't have to worry about it mixing with other products like pre-workout. I was able to safely take both without feeling any effect. I was really surprised how long the effects lasted and how well it worked, I was able to finish my workout, shower and then get ready for bed with the effects still present.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed with a good night's sleep.

Vivimu THCv Focus Softgels

The last Vivimu product I decided to try was the #FOCUS softgels. These soft gels are meant for focus and energy, as well as an appetite suppressor, so I thought it would be great to take it in the morning before working from home.

I needed to meet some deadlines and as someone with diagnosed ADHD, its hard to focus, especially when working from home so I thought these would be the perfect additions to my busy workday.

I took one gel before starting and it took about an hour to kick in. Usually I take adderall or load up on coffee to stay energized, but the downside is the jittery feeling or increased anxiety, so I was surprised when I started feeling focused without those negative side effects.

If you've ever had an espresso, you know how energized and focused it makes you, but it also messes with your heart rate and anxiety, and it causes you to crash after a few hours.

These gels were the complete opposite. Once I felt focused and energized, I carried that feeling the whole day and I was able to feel good all day without feeling jittery or foggy like I would with adderall.

I'm not saying it's a good replacement because I'm not qualified but I can definitely say it's a good alternative every once in a while if you want to give adderall a break.

Seriously, I felt razor sharp throughtout the whole day and I didn't get distracted by hunger or the billions of other things going on around my house like I usually do.

Vivimu #REC'D Gummies & #FOCUS Softgels Review - Conclusion

Vivimu kept through on their promise of providing good quality products at good prices and they are transparent about the entire process. If I had any questions about the product or the effects, one quick search on their website answered my questions, which made me feel more confident about trying their product.

I really enjoyed the gummies and the soft gels. I usually don't take supplemetnts or CBD, but these quickly became a part of my daily routine and they've helped me in so many ways.

Whether it be a pick me up or a pain reliever, these little gummies/soft gels have been a game changer, I never want to do anything without my Vivimu gummies.

Good quality, quality ingredients, and real results, what more can you ask for?

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