Wild Orchard Co. Delta 8 Flower Review


Company Overview

Wild Orchard Co is a USA hemp company emphasizing regulatory compliance and high-quality products. Wild Orchard Co. sees that hemp and its benefits are too often hidden away from the public, so they focus on transparency and a wide range of products.

Wild Orchard Co. has all the hemp-derived cannabinoid products you’ve come to know and love. Their selection ranges from Delta 8 to Delta 9 and even HHC. Wild Orchard Co. covers you whether you want to vape or eat it. Their products are made in ISO-Certified Lab facilities that are Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) certified. View their lab reports here.

Today I will review their Premium Delta 8 Flower, Blue Dream.

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Delta 8 Flower - Blue Dream

One of my favorite things to do in my reviews is to talk about flower. Call me old-fashioned, but nothing beats smoking flower and letting the sweet aroma linger. So I was excited to try this premium hemp flower and see the benefits of Delta 8 while enjoying a good smoke.

One of the things I enjoy about Wild Orchard Co. is its transparency and honesty; you get exactly what you're looking for in these strains. Their flower is always American-grown, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured for the best possible flavor and aroma. The slow curing process ensures that Wild Orchard Co.'s flower is consistently potent, potent, and flavorful hemp flower users can rely on. The typically high cannabinoid and terpene profile of Wild Orchard Co's flower makes it so that users can be sure of the product quality they are purchasing.

To fully enjoy the flower, I ground and rolled the flower into a joint. Taking it out of the jar, I caught the sweet aroma, which made my mouth water. The bud was soft and sticky, with the distinct coloring of Blue Dream. It was easy to grind, and I was excited to see how it would feel once I smoked it.

I sparked up and took my first hit, and it was terrific. I could taste the signature Blue Dream flavor, which was so smooth and potent. After about 3-4 hits, I felt good, a nice kick of energy and euphoria. It wasn't overpowering, but it was present, and I felt the effects for a while. I didn't feel slumped, but I felt great afterward.

It's a perfect strain for those that want to feel the cannabis but don't wanna get overpowered by the effects. It's an excellent strain to take throughout the day when you feel like a little pick-me-up.

Wild Orchard Co. Delta 8 Flower Review

This Blue Dream Delta 8 strain from Wild Orchard Co. was something I enjoyed. Its aroma was delightful, and its taste was smooth and delicious. The effects were energizing and focused, providing an uplifting, positive experience overall. I enjoyed the ease of taking in its vape pen and the lack of irritation I experienced afterward. It lived up to its description as a light and blissful strain!

I will try this strain again and share it with others looking for a reliable and satisfying source of cannabis. Overall, I had a delightful experience with the Ble Dream Delta 8 strain from Wild Orchard Co. It was the perfect strain to kickstart my day and boost my energy.