XVAPE Vista Mini Reviews


XVAPE Company Info

XVAPE designs and sells vaporizers for concentrates and for botanicals that you won't see anywhere else. For this review, XVAPE sent over their hottest new arrival: The XVAPE Vista Mini. The Vista Mini is the successor to their previous XVAPE Vista product and heats up their concentrate vaporizer department. Besides the Vista Mini, XVAPE also sells many on the go models for concentrates and botanicals such as the XVAPE Starry 3.0. Since 2010, XVAPE has been innovating in the vaporizer industry, and their newest products are a culmination of almost a decade of on the ground experience.

About the XVAPE Vista Mini

Assembling the XVAPE Vista Mini might seem daunting at first when you see the pieces laid out in their perfectly designed foam cut outs. However, I was able to figure it out with just a glimpse at the instructions. Once assembled, I was able to admire the picturesque look of the XVAPE. It was obviously some sort of glass piece, but I could tell that the futuristic design had been intentionally chosen to flair out this piece. Topping off the sleek design is a black wireless charging base - the first wireless charging vaporizer that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Being able to set the Vista Mini on the same wireless charging mat that I use for my phone allows me to make sure that the vaporizer is always charged and I never have to do that lamentable song and dance where I wait and charge for five minutes for one hit then rinse and repeat. The 14mm detachable downstem is secured to the bubbler by a white plastic keck clip. Make sure you attach the carb cap and its handy dandy leash before securing the downstem. Did I mention the carb cap comes with a leash so it doesn’t get lost? It’s pretty ingenious and exactly the type of high impact design choices that companies are pulling out to stay competitive. Be careful when adding water to the XVAPE - the instructions are very clear that if you pour water into the wrong place, the entire device will malfunction. Make sure to use the funnel that is provided with the Vista Mini to avoid any spillage, as well!
When adding concentrate to the XVAPE mini, make sure you put it as close to the middle of the ceramic heating element as possible. That is to say, if you’re playing dabsketball - go for the “swish.” The concentrate is heated up by the ceramic plate as soon as you’re ready to go.

XVAPE Vista Mini Reviews

Using the XVAPE Vista Mini is simple, press three times to turn it on. There is no turning this thing off, it’ll automatically shut down after a minute of no use, or three rounds of heating. Once the device is on, to change the temperature between the three preset settings (white, green, and red). White is preset to a temperature of 536 F, Green is preset to 662 F, and Red is preset to 752 F. To start a round of heating, simply press the fire button and the vaporizer will enter a thirty-second heating cycle. The XVAPE comes preconfigured with short circuit protection so if you ever see it blink five times in a row, just let it cool down before attempting to use it again.
I found that the hottest, red temperature setting was too harsh, and ended up leaving my vaporizer set at the middle, green temperature setting. At green, the hits are tasty and the water-cooled vapor is the perfect temperature when it hits your mouth. You can pull as slow or as hard as you’d like - there’s zero chance of any splash damage from the water. Having previously rocked a setup where I had an e-nail attachment which itself was attached to a metal nail and ran back to a PID controller which also required a standard power cable to attach to the wall, the lack of wires involved with using the XVAPE Vista Mini is a welcome change. Being able to hand the vaporizer back and forth in a session without having to worry about wires knocking things over. This is by far the most mobile tabletop vaporizer I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 4.9/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 With the Vista Mini, XVAPE has raised the bar by adding wireless charging and fitting a water filtered vaporizer in such a small and sleek form factor. It’s easy to keep charged without any wires to trip over or forget and always packs a smooth, filtered hit. Use code “xvape10” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order from XVAPE!