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modus brand tap out assorted gummies cover photo
Sebastian Orellana
Apr 03, 2024
Modus' Tap Out gummies are the hottest items on the market right now. Check out what we have to say about these amazing infused gummies.
Modus Brand Upper Cut Blend Passion Fruit X Juicy Guava Gummies Review
Sebastian Orellana
Feb 29, 2024
I recently had the pleasure of trying the Modus Brand Upper Cut Blend Passion Fruit X Juicy Guava Gummies, and let me tell you - they are a game changer in the world of cannabis edibles.
Modus Pink Panties 2nd Gen Upper Cut Preroll Review cover photo
Sebastian Orellana
Jan 29, 2024
The Modus Pink Panties 2nd Gen Upper Cut preroll provides an unforgettable smoking experience. From the tightly rolled construction to the potent combination of flower and live resin, these prerolls offer a powerful high that is both euphoric and relaxing.
modus brand cherry gelato upper cut blend pre-rolls cover photo
Sebastian Orellana
Dec 28, 2023
Modus Brand's Upper Cut pre-rolls is exactly what you need to relax and enjoy your day. Check out why these amazing Lemon Cherry Pre-rolls are the perfect addition to your relaxation.

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