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The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, which means it’s still relatively easy for companies to get away with selling sub-par products. Finding quality accessories to your smoking experience can be particularly tricky. Manufactured from 100% 420-alloy stainless steel, the LighterBro MultiTool is a top-notch accessory that any stoner will be thrilled to have in their personal smoke inventory.

Company Info

LighterBro is a company with a clear vision—to make life simpler for its customers. They understand that new or expensive technology isn’t necessarily better technology. That’s why their focus is on a specific set of products that consolidate and simplify a specific set of daily tasks for cannabis users and general consumers alike.

LighterBro hit the scene in 2013, quickly garnering acclaim for their quality multi-tool products. Most early reviews noted the clear value of turning a smoker’s disposable BIC lighter into a handy, attractive, and durable multi-purpose appliance. According to LighterBro’s website,

“LighterBro multi-tool is specifically created to merge everyday life needs with key functionality.”

In an age of unlimited options, functionality is key to creating winning product. LighterBro’s unwavering devotion to functionality sets it apart from other cannabis industry companies.

Product review and description

The LighterBro Classic Silver multi-tool holds both Bic and Clipper lighters, as well as a hemp wick. With both blazing and dabbing functionality and a gorgeous stainless steel casing, it’s a pleasure to hold and use. The silver LighterBro includes:

  • Knife
  • Micro-Phillips (Size 000) Screwdriver
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Poker
  • Scissors
  • Bottle Opener
  • Key Ring

The LighterBro comes in a small, no-nonsense package similar to that of an actual lighter. After taking the LighterBro out of the package, I tried inserting and using both BIC and clipper lighters, which both fit nicely. The LighterBro case itself is all stainless steel. It has a very attractive, polished, and durable finish.

It’s incredibly lightweight, and it fits around the light so well that it barely adds to the size or weight of a lighter. Much like a good phone case, it adds a feeling of security without being cumbersome—working with the form of a lighter rather than against it.

The gold version of the LighterBro is made of the same material but features an added titanium nitride coating usually reserved for milling machine cutters and high-end drill bits.

The most unique and original of the LighterBro’s aesthetic rarities is its katana-shaped knife. It’s a top-notch double-V ground, 420 series heat treated stainless steel blade that not only provides an interesting aesthetic for an otherwise everyday item but also gives the blade a dual function.

The knife’s flat tip makes it a fully functional flathead screwdriver. Other swiss army or pocket knives would do well to mimic this innovative design.

The micro-philips screwdriver is a great multi-purpose tool. Not only is it great for dabbing, but it can easily be used to take apart electronics like laptops and smartphones. It’s always good to have micro tools on hand for electronics, and having one attached to the lighter in my pocket has proven incredibly handy.

Rarely do scissors under $15 cut well enough. It’s even rarer for pocket knife scissors to cut well at all. The LighterBro scissors, designed for easy trimming, cut shockingly well. I tried the scissors on paper, fabric, and even some cardboard, and they cut efficiently on all of them. Most pocket scissors won’t cut through to the entire blade, if at all. The LighterBro scissors cut well all the way through the length of the blade.

The bottle opener feature is another impressive bit of design. Rather than include a bottle opener that adds to the dimension of the piece, grooves are cut into the bottom of the case to make it a fully functional bottle opener. It’s probably not the most efficient bottle opener out there, but it definitely gets the job done. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t stick out or add weight to the lighter makes it a fantastic extra feature.


In today’s world, virtually everyone has a pressing need to maximize time and space. The LighterBro is a brilliantly executed Multi-Tool that turns a one-purpose pocket item into a tiny epicenter of useful applications. For its beautiful design and blazing, dabbing, and trimming functionality alone, the LighterBro makes itself immediately indispensable for any cannabis enthusiast.

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